Field Trip to Hwaseong

Last Friday, Chinese students in Korea and Glitters, supporters of the Business School went on a field trip to the factory of Kia Motors Corporation (기아자동차) in Hwaseong (화성) and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress (수원화성). The purpose of this field learning is promoting friendship and Chinese student’s adaptation of school life. We made an early start so we arrived at Hwaseong at 9:30.


This factory is the main force industry facilities and the biggest factory in the capital area. It is a 100 million size, which is 1.3 times as big as Yeouido (여의도) in Seoul (서울), about 476 times as big as a soccer (football) field and 22% of the employees in Kia work at Hwaseong factory that has production capacity. Also, it is the base of international competitiveness and the strategic location of distribution because it has all facilities perfectly such as production and exportation. Besides it can export direct through marine logistics and now the factory is so for the effective and safe system. Now it produces six types of cars called K3, K5, K7, All New Sorento, The New Mohave, and Niro.

When we arrive the factory, we watched promotional video about Kia Motors Corporation. And then we observe personally the car and learn process of making car. These were very helpful to tour the factory. After that we took the bus to move to the press shop, body shop, and assembly plant. We couldn’t watch all the process because of the safety, but due to the explanation and video we could understand the process of car production. Then let’s look at the process!

Foundry 주조공장

First was ‘Foundry’ where make block that covered engine called heart of car.

Engine shop 엔진변속기공장

Second was ‘Engine Shop’ where Gamma engine, the top 10 greatest engine was made.Press shop 프레스 공장

Third was ‘Press Shop’ where made and cut out the panel for the car’s appearance.Body Shop 차체공장

Fourth was ‘Body Shop’ where made the car’s form.Paint shop 도장공장

Fifth was ‘Paint Shop’ where painted the car for keeping charming appearance.Assembly shop 조립공장

Sixth was ‘Assembly Shop’ where many machines do electric welding to make car due to perfect ensemble of 30,000 components.

Inspection 검수과정

Finally, the process of car was finished after meticulous and delicate inspection.

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After the tour of Kia Motors Corporation in Hwaseong, we moved to the Suwon by bus to eat lunch and tour for Suwon Hwaseong. We ate Korea’s traditional food called ‘Dwaeji Wang Galbi (Premium Grilled Spareribs; 돼지왕갈비)’, except this menu there are more than 15 dishes so we could eat wealthy and delicious.


While we tour the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress a guide explain the history of it and each building’s facility so we can observe it easily. Suwon Hwaseong Fortress is the historical cultural heritage and it is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was constructed by King Jeongjo (정조) (reigning 1777~1800), the 22nd king of Joseon dynasty (조선왕조) (1392-1910) after moving the tomb of his father Sadoseja (사도세자), Crown Prince, who had been victimized in faction struggles in the court, and put inside a rice chest and had died in it.
There were multiple reasons for constructing the Suwon Hwaseong Fortress. The most important reason was King Jeongjo’s filial piety to his father. But, there were other reasons: his political strategy to eradicate faction struggles and establish the king-led politics; use of it as a fortress of national defense to the south.

The construction of the fortress was motivated by political and economic purposes as well as the filial piety of the king to his father, rather than by military one. Thus, the fortress can be said to symbolize “hyo (효; 孝),” filial piety, part of East Asian philosophy, and so it has spiritual and philosophical value, in addition to cultural one.

In the process of constructing it, new machines like Geojunggi (거중기) and Nokro (녹로) was specifically designed to move and pile up big stones. So it can be regarded as a rare superb example of fortress construction technology of Asian fortresses.


Article by YeongWoo from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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