Life as a myHUBS Reporter (Fall 2015)

About 3 months of experiences as a myHUBS reporter was great pleasure to me. Especially, it was grateful to meet new friends. Esther who is always cheerful, Kavi who taught me English pronunciation, Zanda and Mia who are so kind, Hyosik, Yujin, Sheena and Young and Sang-Hoon who helped me a lot.

I really love English, so the fact that I can write various articles in English as a reporter was fascinating. And it was also great to have a chance to speak with other reporters and get along with them every Thursday. Of course, there were few difficulties at first. myHUBS is a blog for exchange students in Hanyang University, so reporters have to write articles that can give useful information to them. However I have never written articles in English before, though I wrote lots of essays in English. So expressing detail information in English was quite difficult for me. I had to spend lots of time to choose suitable words and split a paragraph. Now that I come to think of it, this process was a great help to me to think in English logically. Also choosing an articles topic every week bothered me more than anything else. Most of the topics that occurred to my mind were already written by other reporters who had worked last semester and as time went by, finding topics became more difficult. But I solved this problem, with the help of other reporters who worked together. They gave me lots of new ideas, so I could get ideas about various topics.

Finally, I would like to say ‘Thank you’ again to my friends who worked for myHUBS blog this semester together. Thank you so much :)


By Hyunyoung from Korea

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