Places to Study (Business School Building)

Midterm exam is finally over. And now it is time to write reports. When reports are over, final exams will be waiting for you. I think university life is a series of exam and reports. Then where do you study? And where do you write your reports? At home? Maybe many of us feel home is not good place to study. When you study at your home, you will be relaxed and you will find yourself sleeping the next minute and on. I will introduce some places to study and working on your homework in the business building.


In the business building there are many places to study. First, there is a study hall on the second floor. If you have your student ID card you can enter and use your own seat. It is easy. Go to second floor. Find a machine in front of the study hall. Sensor your student ID card under the monitor. When it makes sound “toot”, choose seat you want. Usually there will be many seats, but during the exam period it will be full with students. And when you use the study hall, you must renew your seat every 4 hours. Especially during the exam term you must renew in 3 hours. Second, if you are okay to study at little noisy place, lounge in second floor could be nice place to study. There is no process to using the lounge. But it is competitive in the exam period as well.


Another choice might be the group seminar rooms. There are four seminar rooms also on the second floor. And you must reserve first. The reservation sheet is in the study hall. You can reserve only on the day of the use of the room. It is reserved by order of arrival. You can reserve maximum 3 hours a day. You can reserve 3 hours separately if you please to.


Next, there are two group study rooms also on the second floor. And group study rooms must be reserved first, too. You can reserve group study room in the administrative office on the first floor. You can reserve the rooms on the day before of use. It is also by order of arrival. Like group seminar rooms you can reserve maximum 3 hours and separated. I think group study room is most competitive in the places that I introduced. I think it is because group study rooms are very comfortable. They have separated place, screen, white board, socket and relaxed chair.


Lastly is the lecture rooms. It is not always opened. In the morning and the daytime, almost every classrooms is opened. And you are not prevented to use if there is no class. But usually in the evening classrooms are almost closed. However, during the exam term some classrooms are opened. Where will be opened is depending on the condition at that time. It is announced in the notice board in business building by the student council. If you need class room for such and such reasons, you can borrow classes. Go to administrative office and borrow the classroom. But you can borrow at least the day before. You cannot borrow classroom at the day.

There are many place to study in our university at other buildings. Maybe almost every building has a study hall. And there are group study rooms in many buildings. If you go around our campus you will find best place to you. Find your place and get great grades.


Article by Hyosik from Korea

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