What’s at the Fifth Floor of the HIT Building?

Have you ever heard of the HIT Building? I think many of you just pass HIT-Hanyang Institute of Technology- Building when you go to Business School Building. Here, let me introduce about 5th floor of HIT Building. I will give only information that useful to students. In 5th floor, it has many centers that provide quality of program to students. There are Career Development Center, Hanyang Global Entrepreneurship center, Hanyang Institute for talent development, and Leadership Center. Each Center provide different activities to student, and I will explain one by one.


First, We can find Career Development Center. Here, students can get whatever information related to career. Not only Korean students but also foreign students can go there. It helps student to write essays, or the interview. And once or twice a year, it held ‘Career Job Fair’. Sadly, this year’s Career Job Fair was already held at September, at Olympic Stadium. There, about ten big companies make a booth to have counseling with students. And for foreign students, the same Job Fair was held on Career Development Center to give detail information to them. And every year, when companies’ recruiting session starts, they pass recruiting paper to Career Center, so if students go there and ask some information, they are willing to give you some useful source.


Second one is Global Entrepreneurship Center. Here, students can get information about business start-up. Also, they support students who want to make start-up. Actually, Hanyang University is very generous to students or professor who are interested in start-up. So if you are willing to make start-up or curious about making company on your own, don’t hesitate to go there and ask questions. Besides, this center went remodeling recently, so the facilities are brand-new and clean.


Third one is Leadership Center. Hanyang University is very proud of this place, because it is the only place that teach leadership to all university students. We can’t find university that provides leadership class to all students. Remember the internet lecture ‘HELP’? HELP is made by this center. Quite Interesting, right? Actually, most students feel annoyed by this lecture but workers at the center work really hard to make this program.


Also, this Leadership Center is related to Hanyang Institute for talent development. Here, they provide useful on-time lecture to students.


Hanyang University provides lots of supporting program to students. Unfortunately, most of students don’t know them. Because they just not interested to find information. But like HIT building, school stands for students. And I really want to introduce the 5th floor of HIT Building because it is really going to help students throughout their school life. Of course most foreign students are exchange students so they might stay here for one semester, but if they are interested in getting a job in Korea, these places definitely help them. Enjoy the rest of your school lifeJ


Article by Shin Hwa from Korea

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