More Places to Eat in Wangsimini! (part 1)

Welcome to Hanyang University! Many foreign students are excited to be here, and eating is something that cannot be left out! That is exactly why I am going to inform whoever whom is reading this article on where to find nice places to eat. Let me guide you hungry people to good places that you can eat at a cheap price. Each restaurant’s location and the type of food is different, so you can enjoy one by one.

The first to introduce is a café. ‘Urban Farm’ is located next to ‘Self Bar’. You can find this place at the first floor of the ‘Gorgeous Kitchen’ building. It is not a typical café. Because every menu is fresh and hand-made, you can feel the natural taste of the ingredients used. The best menu is ‘Lemon Juice’ and ‘Ricotta Cheese Salad’. If you drink lemon juice, you can feel the sour taste of lemon as well as the sweet taste of juice. The ricotta cheese in the salad is not the one that you can buy at an ordinary store. It is real hand-made so you can experience the true taste of cheese-and really enhance your appetite! The only problem is its relatively high price compared to other cafés. The lemon juice is 5500 Won, and ricotta cheese salad with Americano is 7800 Won. Considering that you can eat lunch at 5000 Won in Wangsimni, clearly it is expensive but definitely worth a try and price!


The second place is ‘GiGi-Go’. This is a perfect place for people who like fried-rice and fried-noodles. They are 3500 Won each. Does the cheap price mean bad quality? Absolutely NOT!! It is famous because it is delicious. You can choose how spice you want it (Normal or Spicy). It is sad that it has just two options to choose from, but if you ask the chef about your own preference, maybe he or she will consider your request. But, if you are not a big fan of spicy food, just try the normal one.


The last place to introduce today is ‘Da Shi Ol Chicken’. The meaning of it is ‘The chicken restaurant that you would visit again’. It is located in Sageundong (사근동), near the dormitory that most of you guys live in. Its best seller is Korean special noodles, called ‘Cal Gook Soo’ (칼국수) and its famous fried chicken. The average price of menus is 5000 Won for the noodles and 13000~14000 Won for the chicken menu. The price is reasonable, so many Hanyang University students love it for a good meal.
The three place introduced are just one of the many place you can go when you want to hang out with your friends, eating something delicious. I hope this article help you do decide what to eat.



Article by Shin Hwa from Korea

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