Hello guys, today I will be introducing Ganghwa Island (강화도). Positioned at the end of the Han River at the West Sea, the island is a very important historic site. The several historic sites, the dolmens, and the sunset make a visit to this island worthwhile.



One of the sites in Ganghwa Island is the Gwangseongbo (광성보), a fortress. Established in 1658, it was the location for the battle between Korea and the United States of America in 1871. Although the Korean defenders fought very hard every defender died and the American forces though victorious returned empty handed after using up their resources. The fortress still stands overseeing the West Sea and provides beautiful views.



Also a UNESCO World Heritage site, Ganghwa Island boasts lots of dolmens. Dolmens are rock structures that have served as tombs for the wealthy of the prehistoric people. As you see the structures up close you are awed by the sheer size of the big rock structures.


Located in the western coast means some very beautiful sunsets. Watching the sunset from the island may serve as one of the memorable moments in Korea.


Bomun Temple

Close to Kanghwa Island is Sungmo Island (성모도). The island can only be reached using a ferry. Home to the Bomun Buddist Temple (보문사), which was established in the A.D. 635. Being one of the three Buddhist holy grounds in Korea, the place is famous for creating the 80,000 page long scripture.


How to get to the Island

  1. Rent a Car

To get to the Island the easiest way is by a rented car. Although named island, bridges have been constructed which connect the island to Incheon. By car it takes approximately an hour and half to get from Hanyang University to the island. For those who cannot drive or did not convert their licenses into international licenses, the alternative is taking a bus.

  1. By Bus

A bus operates to and from Sinchon station (신촌역) exit number 7 which you can reach by taking line number 2. The fees for adults are from 4300-5600 Won depending on the destination you are heading. The first bus is at 5:40 A.M. and the last bus at 10 P.M. with buses coming every 10 minutes. The bus also takes about one hour and thirty minutes but has the advantage of being able to use the bus only lane in the busy highway to Incheon. Also the bus will stop directly at the sights that you want to visit making the bus a good option.

Not so far away from Seoul, Ganghwa Island is a great sightseeing trip to those who are sick of the city scenery. Full of Korea’s history from the prehistoric period to the modern times of the Chosun dynasty with nearby small but beautiful islands to visit makes Ganghwa Island a good addition to your memories of Korea.


Article by Yoon from Korea

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