Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP)

Guys do you know about the DongDaemun Design Plaza (DDP)? A multicultural center is now the symbol of design Seoul. The building was designed by Zaha Hadid, a world-renowned architect, completed in 2014. The building embraces Korean tradition and the latest trends in architecture and provides knowledge to the citizens through numerous exhibitions and allows hands-on experience.


On first look many people have said that it resembles an alien architecture. The biggest criticism was that the building did not fit in with the surrounding area. On closer look the building is full of unique characteristics. The DDP is being compared to the glass pyramid outside the Louvre Museum.

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Despite the astronomical cost in government budget during the construction now more and more people are visiting the building in search for a unique experience. The economic effects has shown to be enormous especially to the local community.


Inside the building is literally heaven for designers. Full of design related items, exhibitions, shops, and workshops, these elements create the ideal environment for inspiration and creative activities. Not only will the unique exterior of the building blow you off your feet but what’s inside will surprise those who see it.

Of the many exhibitions held in the DDP, currently a very beautiful exhibition is being held there. With over 20,000 LED roses planted creates a very spectacular sight to behold. The roses are part of the exhibition promoted by the brand Omega, and will be on display till December 31st the lighting hours are from sunset till 22:00. During rainy weather, lights will be turned off due to safety reason.



For movie fans, currently there is Audrey Hepburn exhibition underway. The exhibition goes on until March 8th, 2015 at the exhibition hall on the second floor. The exhibition consists of the actress’s costume that she wore during the movies, never before seen posters, the objects she used, and pictures, totaling in more than 1,000 pieces. The price for entry is 13,000 Won for adults and 11,000 Won for university students with student ID. As a Audrey Hepburn fan, this exhibition is a must to go.


Overall, though a shocking sight at first, the place will not disappoint you. A great night out in Seoul and paradise if you are interested in design and art, and also makes a wonderful dating destination.

Plenty of shops and restaurants are positioned in the underground area with designer custom made products that can only be bought at the DDP itself make it worthwhile to visit the DDP. The interesting looking building also has pathways where you are able to walk the perimeter and enjoy the building itself, which in the night is constantly changing with different lightings and projections on the building walls itself. I am pretty sure the building will become a symbol of Seoul.


Article by Yoon from Korea

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