Four Ball Pool in Korea

Hey Gang, This week I decided to find out how to play the four ball pool that is popular in Korea and that I had never seen before. To do this I enlisted Yunkun to be our guide in the world of Korean Pool and my roommate Frank came along. So the first thing to […]

Hanyang Fall Festival (애한제) – part 1: Introduction

애한제 – 일탈 Starting from Friday, Hanyang University held its own school festival the 애한제 which literally means “Love Hanyang Festival”. The festival comes after a long wait. It was originally scheduled in the first semester. However, due to the tragic events of Sewol and with the whole country in mourning the festival was postponed. […]

Visit to Jeju Island

Last weekend I went to Jeju Island for four days. It was great! I went swimming on beautiful beaches, saw some amazing geology, ate some delicious food, saw some cool trees. I returned to school relaxed and refreshed Flights to Jeju from Seoul (Gimpo airport) were very inexpensive from Jeju Air. My round trip after […]