[MOST Wanted] myHUBS Reporters


[MOST Wanted]

 myHUBS Reporters

HUBS created an English blog which is supposed to be launched in September 2014. The blog, myHUBS will deliver first-hand information on campus life, Korean culture and travel destinations in Korea. It aims at helping incoming students to orient themselves move easily and to provide authentic impression of the “HUBS experience” to future students. Now, we are looking for students who would like to join our team.

Who we are looking for

We are looking for Korean and Foreign students who are keen to report on student life at HUBS
(experiences and recommendation in regard to e.g. campus life, events, travel destinations, food, language and culture).
Our prospective myHUBS reporters are enthusiastic and creative writers who are prepared to publish an article on self-picked topics of interest once a week throughout the fall and the winter semester 2014.
Members of our myHUBS team will
∗ Connect weekly (every Wednesday 12-1 pm) to brainstorm ideas, share best practices, ask each other questions and choose topics for the coming week.
 Commit to publish an article on the agreed upon topics once a week throughout the year.

What you’ll receive

Once you’re selected as a student blogger, you will receive:
∗ Free meals at our meeting every Wednesday
∗ A gift card worth 10.000 KRW for each article you write 
∗ Certificate of Participation as a myHUBS reporter
∗ Last but not least, cultural exchange with fellow Korean and Foreign reporters

How to apply

Just complete the following online application process.

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