Beopjusa Temple Stay

On the weekend of May 14, my friends and I traveled to Beopjusa temple (법주사) where we did participated in a temple stay. This was a really unique cultural experience, especially since we were there for Buddha’s birthday. Located in the same area as Songnisan National Park (속리산 국립공원), Beopjusa temple is surrounded by woods […]

Facts on Temple Stay in Korea

One of the reasons people travel is to see the beauty that exist in the world. However, sometimes our inner beauty is left unexplored. With all the chaos in our lives from school, relationships, and travel, it is important to step back and reflect on everything, something, or nothing. This is why I would recommend […]

Hwagyesa Templestay

One of the many things on my to-do-list when coming to Seoul was to participate in a Templestay. There are many different temple’s in Korea that this can be done; it is very popular to do this activity in the mountains outside of the city. However, after some research, my friend and I decided to […]