New Bloggers for 2023 Winter Semester

Hello, my name is Pratibha. I am from India. I am a regular international student at the Business School of Hanyang. I am a freshman here. Being a foreigner myself, living and experiencing things from a foreigner’s perspective will allow me to present Korea from a different perspective. I am an introvert and I don’t know Korean much so this is my biggest hurdle in connecting with Korean people of all ages. Yet, I am trying to overcome this by learning Korean and making friends on campus.

I love traveling and music. So, exploring Korea was on my bucket list since 2019. Finally, while I am here, I will travel to different places and share my experience of how you can make the best out of your trip to that place. I am a vegetarian and finding vegetarian food here is a real struggle. So, my blogs will be about food and traveling.

Moreover, I’ll be introducing you guys to some good spots to use on the campus and some shortcuts to save the hassle of using a plethora of stairs or climbing hills in case you don’t know, or you are a new admission. I will make sure to write blogs with the perspective of a new person exploring a whole new country, culture, and traditions. I hope my blogs can make your stay comfortable here.

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