3 Best Movies to Watch at Christmas


  This year seems to be having a quiet end of the year due to the never-ending COVID-19. It would be a perfect Christmas if you end the day with a movie with a Christmas atmosphere in the evening after a delicious meal with your loved ones on Christmas. If you only remember ‘Home Alone’ or ‘Harry Potter’ as a Christmas movie, I recommend you to watch the movie I’m going to introduce today.

1. Christmas & Co. (2017)

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  The first movie I would like to introduce is ‘Christmas & Co’, which is perfect for a Christmas family movie. It is a movie about the Christmas tumult of Santa who doesn’t know anything about the world. It tells the story of Santa who can communicate with the reindeer but not with the children, and who can ride snowboards but can’t knock. On the eve of Christmas, all 92,000 elves fall. To save the fairies, Santa goes down to the human world. If you are curious about what will happen to Santa in the human world, I recommend that you watch ‘Christmas & Co’ with his family.

2. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

(Image Source: imdb.com)

  The next movie I’d like to introduce is ‘The Christmas Chronicles’, a movie that saves Santa Claus from a crisis. The main character’s father, who was a firefighter in the movie, dies, leaving only the mother and two children. On Christmas Eve, mom goes on an emergency shift, leaving only her brother and sister late at night. However, while watching the camcorder recordings taken last year, his younger brother discovers traces of Santa Claus, and Santa Claus really appears to them. However, the siblings secretly ride Santa Claus’ sleigh and have an accident. Afterwards, the siblings are tasked with finding and delivering lost gifts with Santa Claus. If you are curious about the journey of Santa Claus with the children, I recommend watching ‘The Christmas Chronicles’.

3. The Princess Switch (2018)

(Image Source: imdb.com)

  The last movie I’d like to introduce is ‘The Princess Switch’. The film follows the events of the Christmas season when Margaret, an aristocratic English woman who is about to get married, meets Stacy, an American baker who looks just like her. Margaret, a noblewoman dreaming of a normal life, proposes to switch roles with Stacy for two days. During the two days of swapping roles, dizzy situations continue, and they have a positive effect on each other. If you want to know more about the story behind it, I recommend watching ‘The Princess Switch’. There is also a sequel, so if you enjoyed the first part, I recommend watching the second part on Netflix.

  Time seems to go really fast. There are not many days left in 2021 already. It was a frustrating and worrying year of 2021, but I hope that the upcoming 2022 will be more lively and happier, and I hope you all have a good year-end!

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