Korean F/W season street food


The weather is already getting quite cold. Winter is coming soon, and there are a few things you need to know before winter arrives. Those are must-try street foods in Korea during the cold season. So, today I will introduce five best street food.

1. Hotteok

Image Source: YouTube

Hotteok is a street food that many people seek out in winter. These days, you can buy a Hotteok mix product at the mart and easily make it at home, but the taste of buying it on the street does not match. It really makes your mouth water when the sweet sugary stuffing leaks out of the chewy dough.

2. Bungeo-ppang(fish-shaped bun)

Image Source: Press.uos.ac.kr

Bungeo-ppang is a representative winter street food. There are various kinds of Bungeo-ppang. The most common Bungeo-ppang has red bean paste inside, and there are also versions of various flavors such as custard cream, chocolate cream, and sweet potato mousse. Usually, it costs around 1,000 won for three Bungeo-ppang.

3. Hoppang.

Image Source: Naver blog

Hoppang is the name given because it is eaten by blowing “Ho” in cold weather. Hoppang is a food that is difficult to find on the street compared to other winter street foods. This is because, while most other foods are sold at food stalls, Hoppang is often sold at specific shops(especially dumpling shops or convenience stores). Hoppang, like Bungeo-ppang, comes in a variety of flavors, such as red bean flavor, pizza flavor, and vegetable flavor.

4. Eomuk(fish cake)

Image Source: YouTube

Eomuk is a staple street food in all four seasons. Especially in winter, you should drink hot Eomuk soup together with Eomuk. For those who like spicy food, i recommend eating spicy Eomuk called ‘Red Eomuk’.

5. Roasted Sweet Potato & Roasted Chestnuts

Image Source: Google

Roasted sweet potatoes and roasted chestnuts are street foods that can only be found in winter. These days, you can easily buy food at home, but you will find it more delicious to eat it on the street for some reason.

So far, we have looked at various street foods. Without these street foods in winter, the days would be infinitely cold. Of these, we recommend that you pack up some street food that suits your taste and try it at home :)

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