University freshman welcome party held by metaverse

Yugyeong Jeong

Universities that are difficult to hold a welcome party for new students due to COVID-19 held a welcome party through the metaverse campus in the virtual reality world. Students from 31 countries around the world gathered in the virtual auditorium. After listening to the professors and seniors, they expressed their emotions through emoticons on the screen. The reception didn’t end with the reception, and the students were able to tour and tour the campus. In a situation where offline meetings and movement between countries are difficult, the Metaverse platform has become a new and wonderful experience for students. The virtual campus implemented this time will be used in various ways, such as club activities, lectures, and festivals.

Metaverse is a compound word of the English words ‘Meta’, which means ‘virtual’ and ‘transcendence’, and ‘Universe’. It refers to a three-dimensional virtual world where social, economic, and cultural activities like the real world take place. Metaverse is a concept that has evolved one step further in virtual reality. It has evolved from playing games using avatars, allowing you to engage in real-life activities. Metaverse began to spread after 5G commercialization and the non-face-to-face trend due to the pandemic accelerated. The metaverse market is growing, with concerts held in a virtual space, and various events such as welcome parties for students and company briefings. Statista, a global statistics company, predicted that the size of the metaverse market would grow from $30.7 billion (about 35.32 trillion won) in 2021 to $296.9 billion (about 341,642.8 billion won) by 2025. Although the metaverse is still in its infancy, its scope will continue to expand, not limited to age groups.

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