Mask distribution: ‘Not fair enough’

Seung Hyung Nam


SEOUL, South Korea-The number of newly confirmed COVID-19 cases(49) brings country’s total now to 10,284 on Monday morning in South Korea. Newly confirmed cases tend to be a plummet, yet too early to beg the question.

Meanwhile, the city has announced to release 100,000 filter-replaceable masks for foreign students and workers in Seoul including Hanyang University. Certificate of alien registrations and health insurance cards are necessary for identification to successfully distribute finite resources.

This action, held by the city of SEOUL, turns out to be huge failure for what it was meant to be like in the first place. Due to the introduction of foreign health-care system in 2019, 6 months sojourn has become a minimum constraint of the application for admission. Major amount of short-term University exchange students does not require the condition which makes this policy full of inherent flaws.


Naive actions by the city government should be abolished before long and come up with plausible resolutions for the safety not only for the foreigners themselves but for the people of their own country.

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