Where can we buy K-style clothes?

Kim MinJung

Since many Korean people are interested in fashion and influenced by K-pop culture, Korea has it’s own unique style of fashion AKA. K-style fashion. In Korea not only will you have access to globally famous fashion brands such as H&M and Zara, but also to a myriad of places where you can buy K-style street clothes. When I was working as global supporter, many international students asked me where they can buy such clothes, so I wanted to recommend some places where you can experience Korean style fashion.

Ewha University


Near Ewha University station(line 2,exit 2).
There are not as many stores as Gangnam and Central terminal, but Shinchon(a popular hang-out spot for university students) is nearby!




Gangnam Station



Many clothing stores are in the Gangnam subway station(Line2, Sinbundang line). You will be greeted immediately by lines of stores that sell trendy clothes.




Central City Express Bus Terminal



Located in Express Bus Terminal station(Line 3,7,9), and you can find the rows of stores when you get out of exit 8-1,8-2. It’s the biggest among the three places that I am recommending.


Tips for buying clothes

  1. Take cash!
  2. You will have to pay more if you use your credit card in these places (Maybe 1000-2000 won extra). So you should take cash. Usually, clothes are 10000-15000 won each.
  3. You can’t try-on clothes!
  4. You can’t try on clothes in street stores. Some stores allow you to wear some pants or skirts but usually most don’t.
  5. You should compare the price between stores!
  6. Even if you find clothes you like, don’t buy them right away. Because the prices of clothes vary slightly from one store to another, it’d better compare the price and save money.



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