The Ultimate Hair Experience

By Kathy Pham

         Have you ever thought of doing something different with yourself, appearance wise or mentally? For example, you add meditation time into your schedule to relax or you get a new haircut. Have you heard of the saying “new look, new you?” Well, I definitely did something different with myself recently and it has made me feel very spontaneous and confident. I have lived 20 years of my life with natural dark brown hair, but I recently dyed my hair ombre with red! In this article, I will be going through the process of my hair change and where I got it done in Seoul!

As I live at the dormitories on campus, I frequently walk around Wangsimni station, in which there are three Juno Hairs around the station and mall. I always walked by a Juno Hair on the upper level of the mall with my roommate, and I would say “I should dye my hair one day,” but I never did it. However, this one day, my roommate encouraged me to just go in the salon and book an appointment, so I did. When I booked an appointment at the front, there was only one girl in the salon that could speak English. I was quite excited for the appointment and I spent hours the night before searching up what I wanted. I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to do with my hair when I booked my appointment! Through a lot of opinions and research, I decided I only wanted a trim and to ombre my hair red!

When I came to the salon, the girl who spoke English was not there, so there was confusion to when my appointment was. However, they still treated me with kindness and escorted my roommate and I to the waiting area. While we waited, a girl came and asked if my roommate and I wanted anything to drink! My roommate got grape juice and she brought it out with cookies for her. After a couple minutes, another girl came and put a nice satin robe on me. It felt like royalty, as I never experienced this type of treatment before at a hair salon! I only had to wait about 10 minutes before my stylist came. He was very nice, but could not speak English. This did not cause any problems though, as he used his own iPad to communicate with me through Google translate! I told him I only wanted a trim and I showed him a picture of how I wanted my hair. He warned me that I would first have to bleach my hair, then dye it, as I have never dyed my hair before and my hair is quite dark and thick.

First, the stylist trimmed my hair, then he took me over to another seating area where him and his assistant worked on bleaching my hair. This process took about one hour, and that did not include them washing out the bleach and drying it. After they did this, I felt my hair and I was honestly so sad because I felt how dry it became due to the damage! But, it is what it is! The stylist and his assistant continued to dye my hair red and this took about 40 minutes. They then washed and conditioned my hair! After this, they blow dried my hair and curled it!


Till now, I cannot believe that I actually bleached and dyed my hair red! It still amazes me how great the color turned out and I am quite proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone. Overall, I would recommend anyone to go to Juno Hair to get their hair done. However, I do warn you that it does take a long time and can be costly. I paid 350,000 KRW for my trim, bleaching, and dye.

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