Soju, beer? Borrriiing!!! Even Korean students are getting sick of drinking soju and beer (and sometimes somac). For those who are getting sick of plain soju, those who miss vodka and cocktail, and those who don’t have a lot of money, follow my steps to Seoul’s greatest top unlimited re-fill cocktail bars.

I would like to introduce them over two weeks. Today I will start with cocktail bars in Konkuk university station since it’s the closest place from our school!

Konkuk University Station

  1. 972BAR정호1(Photo by http://blog.naver.com/puppeboa/220917480520)Once you go down the stairs, you will see dim lights with lazer beems running all over the walls. It will be the best place for people who love frantic nights. Especially for those who don’t know well about the diverse types of cocktails, 972bar would be the best place to learn since there are more than 80 cocktails!

    정호2 (Photo by http://blog.naver.com/puppeboa/220917480520)

    You can order single cups or if you pay 15000\, you can enjoy unlimited refill cocktails. One thing you have to be aware of is that some of the best menus are not included in the unlimitied refill cocktails, so if you don’t have the drink you want in the refill list, then it’s actually better to order single cups. (Single cups aren’t that expensive!!)

    Unlike other cocktail bars, you are allowed to have birthday parties. The managers help you decorate seats for special events.

    The best side dish in this bar would be “MODUM SAUSAGE”. It is one the most expensive dishes, but it’s only 15000\. It is enough for 2-3 people. In case you are not that hungry, you can order one of the cheapest dishes, NACHOS (Cheese cream sauce is especially my favorite!)

    (Photo by http://blog.naver.com/puppeboa/220917480520)

    In case you get bored of just talking with your friends and want to move your body, then darts are waiting right beside you~~! One special event in 972bar is ‘Beat the manager’. If you have a dart battle with the manager and score higher than him or her, your table gets a free drink or side dish (You can choose from Nacho, Beer, or one free cocktail).

    A special tip for throwing darts (Based on my own experience).

    1. Never throw the dart hard (It just bounces out if you throw it too hard)
    2. Keep your eye on the bullseye untill the last second before you throw
    3. Imagine that your girlfriend is looking at you

    These three tips will definitely help you defeat the manager!!

    Way to find 972bar

    정호7Contact number: 010-6282-9393

    Address: Seoul Gwangjingu Achasanro 31 gil 7

    Open: 18:00

    Close: 04:00



    1. http://blog.naver.com/tyuiop4064/220988042958

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