A Healing Trip to Namhae National Marine Park (Part 2)

Me and my friend slept in a very shabby place that wasn’t an easy place to find. I could say that finding the way to the exact place I slept is impossible for foreigners. So I am going to introduce so accommodations and places to see better than I did. I will introduce more places in Namhae (남해).


  1. Fine places to sleep

We could get most of the information at http://tour.namhae.go.kr/main.web.

But I will point out some recommendable places through research.

  • Hotels and Resorts

There aren’t much hotels you can select. But I can guarantee great ocean view in the room.

a. Hilton Golf and Spa (pic 1, 2)

As i mentioned at the first part of the series this is the land mark of the Namhae Island. Everybody wants to go here and even the hotel was built several years ago many people want to pay large money to this resort. Like one of the best hotels in Korea you have to pay at least 300,000 Won in one night.

Source: Google Maps

b. Namhae Beach Hotel

This hotel will be more like a motel than a hotel but this hotel provides affordable price. And the location is better to go to some tourist attractions. You shouldn’t expect something like a 5 star hotel but the price is about 60,000 Won a night.

Source: Google Maps

c. Chedi Pool Villa

Like most of the hotels in Namhae this place offers a nice view. And also offers a private pool as you can know from the name of the hotel. It is luxury hotel so it costs more than 300,000 Won for 4 people to stay a night.

Source: Google Maps


  • Pensions

a. Whale’s Dream (고래의 꿈)

The review of this pension was good in google. The owner of the pension gives goo breakfast and many people satisfied with the cleanness and the view. Also the price isn’t that expensive it is about 100,000 Won a night.

Source: Google Maps

b. Namhae German Village Neuhaus in Korea (독일마을 노이하우스)

The pension is right next to Germany Village it is a great chance to stay a night in the middle of Germany Village in Korea. Of course, the ocean view is great and the pension tries to provide German breakfast. This pension also costs 100,000 Won for 4 people a day.

Source: Google Maps


  1. Things to see in Namhae

I recommend bringing a car or renting a car because the bus system is really bad and who won’t be able to know when you have to get off the bus. Also the island Namhae is quite big and the taxis can overcharge foreigners. If you have a international license please rent a car.

  • Boriam (보리암)

This place was the only reason that made me move over 400 kilometers. As I expected the view was awesome and made me so excited. Me and my friend hiked up to the top of the mountain at 3 am to see the sun rise in Boriam but I do not recommend hiking up the mountain. The mountain that possesses Boriam Temple doesn’t provide a hiking track for people only provides a path for cars so in the dark it can be very dangerous for pedestrians. Most of all hiking up the mountain takes about 3 hours and it is a challenging hiking course. Please go up Boriam by car or by bus. (pic 11, 12, 13)

Source: Google Maps

  • Darangyi Village (다랭이 마을)

Most of the villages in Namhae became commercialized by the tourists. But even with the fame through the tourists Darangyi Village is keeping its own identity. Here you can see the traditional type of paddy rice field. If the rice field is full of green grass the view from the top of the field is beautiful.

Source: Google Maps

  • Overseas Korean Settlement Village

There were two villages in Namhae. Germany Village and American Village. Germany Village was built to celebrate the hard work the dispatched workers of Korea. So the government made a village for them and now about 30 houses are built. Now days the German houses are lend to citizens to make people experience the life styles of Germany.

Source: Google Maps

After me and my friend came down Boriam we had to go back to the terminal at 8 am. After a quick breakfast at the terminal we took the bus up to Seoul. It was really a hard trip but it made many differences. My friend that was so in to amusement in college life changed to a studying life. Also I became to study for the left days of the year. A one night trip really made a big change in our life in 2016. Why not leave right now!


Article by Jonghyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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