Get to Know About Seoul Global Center!

[The role of Seoul Global Center]

Living away from your hometown can be challenging if you haven’t experienced this throughout your lifetime ever. Someone might have homesick missing their families and friends, or someone has serious trouble adapting to Korean culture and atmosphere. To help out those students, I’m going to introduce beneficial institution for you. To give you a short introduction of this institution,

The Seoul Global Center has been run by Seoul City Hall (서울특별시 시청) since 2008 and is a multi-lingual, comprehensive support center providing various services to enable the foreign citizens of Seoul to lead a hassle-free life. Let’s dig into this center!


  1. Multilingual Counseling Service

Here is the things related to free counseling service in native language. The available languages are Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Filipino, Russian and Spanish. The following is the list-up about which kinds of counseling they are offering.

  • On-site Consulting Service: On-site consulting service on Sundays in foreign residential areas and venues for events(Living counseling, professional consultation, immigration, medical consultation)



  • ‘Living in Seoul’ Counseling Service: All counseling possible for your stable and convenient life in Seoul

(Administration, stay, transportation, accommodation, education, medical service, travel, and banking)

  • Personalized Advice on difficulty: Personalized consultation for other subjects that you want to tell about


  1. Cultural Exchange and Experience Program


If you are an exchange student coming to Hanyang University Business School (한양대학교 경영대학), you are likely to have heard of ‘Glitters’, global supporters holding events for foreign students in HUBS. Glitters are working on a project such as cultural exchange program. However, if you are willing to take part in much more cultural experience program, fix your eyes on this article!

  • Seoul Town Meeting: An opportunity for foreign residents in Seoul to talk about their difficulties and to exchange opinions for more convenient and foreigner
  • Global Concert: An opportunity for Korean and foreign residents to share culture and communicate cultural art performance by country and promotion of global culture
  • Volunteer Program: Running global volunteering network for raising awareness of sharing and improving understanding of cultures of each country
  • Foreign Flea Market: A way to recycle resources and expand living culture of sharing


The center even informs us how to issue an international driver’s license, or exchange a foreign driver’s license to a Korean one.

The website of this institution is If there is anything else you would like to know, go into the website for further information.


Article by SooJung from Korea, a Junior in Business Administration

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