Enjoy the West Coastline at Taean

As we all know, Korea is a country which is surrounded by the sea. Therefore, you can enjoy beautiful and awesome sea scenery in many places in Korea. Today, I want to introduce you a small and unknown place to you. Although it is not famous to visitors, you will be surprised at its attractive sunset and coastline. It is Taean County (태안군).


Source: http://english.knps.or.kr/Knp/Taeanhaean/Intro/Introduction.aspx?MenuNum=1&Submenu=Npp


Simple information of Taean 

Located in Chungcheong Nam-do(충청남도), South Korea, Taean County is famous for its known for its clear seas, unpolluted soils, coastal flora, tidal flats, coasts, and white sand. With a population of 63,930 (Source: Wikipedia, 2015), Taean has avoided  urbanization and so is well protected.


Three things you can not miss in Taean

1. Sunset

Because of its location, it is easy for us to enjoy great sunset in Taean while sunrise may be lee charming. I went to Taean with HIVA(one club for exchange students), so they booked the house previously and the house faces the sea. Now, you can imagine how lucky we are. We could go to the mud flat to catch the fish or walk with birds whenever we want. In fact, Birds in Korea are not afraid of people. At that moment, everything is nice and you can realize what the relationship between human beings and nature should be.


The grand sunset


Many birds stay here

Amazingly, you can take wonderful pictures here without any filters. I advise you to search some special poses and remember them before you go there. Then you can easily find your style and record unforgettable memory though you don’t have your own photographer.


Personal photo without PS



Group photo time!



2. Taeanhaean National Park   (태안해안 국립공원)

Taeanhaean National Park was designated as the 13th national park in Korea in 1978. There are 26 beaches along the 230 km coastline, which encompasses the Taean Peninsula (태안반도) and Anmyeondo (안면도). The park’s total area is around 326㎢, and ranges across Taean-gun and Boryeong-si. There are 72 islands scattered across the calm sea, of which only four are inhabited by people. At Taeanhaean National Park, the axes of the coastal ecosystem, the sea, foreshore, sandy beach, coastal sand dune, pine forest, and swamp are intact, creating a blessed condition for various plants and animals. The park is home to 1,195 animal species, 774 plant species, and 671 marine species.

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Admission fees:

Adults: 1,600 Won (Groups: 1,400 Won)

Youths: 600 Won (Groups: 500 Won)

Children: 300 Won (Groups: 250 Won)

65 and older, 6 and under: Free

Directions to Taean

– From Seoul Nambu Terminal (서울남부터미널) take a bus to Taean (departures every 30-50 minutes (06:40-20:00), a 2 hour and 20 minute ride)

– From the Taean Express Bus Terminal take a bus to Hakampo (학암포) (40 minute ride)

(Information and photos provided by: http://english.knps.or.kr/Knp/Taeanhaean/Intro/Introduction.aspx?MenuNum=1&Submenu=Npp)


3. Mudflat

You can go to the mudflat nearby the sea. It is very interesting to catch shellfish in mudflat. You’d better bring your slippers with you so that you don’t need to dirty your shoes. It is a pity that I had no harvest on that day. But I still collected beautiful shells and seaside items. Remember to be careful when you play. Safety first!


Interesting activities of this trip

Firework is prohibited in my city GZ, China for a long time. Surprisingly, HIVA brought fireworks and let us play it. Although it was not as splendid as fireworks display, I enjoyed a lot and reminded my childhood life.


Also, after the dinner, we all gathered together in two playrooms. In the playroom, I learned different kinds of drinking games in Korea.


Some advice

  1. Bring a coat and slippers with you. The wind is strong and comfortable, so bringing a coat can avoid cold. Slippers allow you to be close to the sea.
  2. If you want barbecue here, you’d better buy meat from Seoul. I went to Taean with HIVA and they arranged everything well. They booked the room and bought everything needed. It is not hard to buy seafood here, but meat may be difficult to find. And it is more economical to buy before you come.
  3. If you go on your own, you need to book rooms online or by telephone. It is easy for us to go there. Just buy a ticket in Seoul Nambu Terminal and take a bus to Taean.


In the end, if you want to know more about Taean before you go, you can click this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q21KVlSmsuo). It is a video about Taean attractive places. Why not enjoy your weekend in Taean?


Article by Jessica from China

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