Seoul N Tower (Part 1)

When someone says Seoul, what is the first picture that comes to your mind? I don’t know about you but I see a magnificent photo of Seoul at night.

Maybe that’s because I had a notebook with this photo on the cover back in the middle school; however, if you google Seoul at least 5 out of 10 pictures will be similar to this one.

Looking at this picture it is hard not to notice a special place that draws attention to itself. This place is Namsan Mountain (남산) with YTN Seoul Tower (YTN 서울 N 타워) (aka. Namsan Tower or Seoul Tower) on it. Not only is the highest point in Seoul (236.7m at the base to 479.7m) but it is commonly referred as the icon of Seoul. I’m pretty sure that in every guidebook you find Seoul Tower will be among top there places to visit.

When you decide to visit the Seoul Tower, keep in mind that the view from the top during the day is nowhere close to the view at night. Therefore, if you are going there for the views, I would recommend you to plan your trip so that to get there not earlier than 7pm. Although, if you ended up there before dusk anyway, there are number of cafes, restaurants and a food court at the ground levels of the Tower.


There are three major ways to get to the top of Namsan Mountain that I am aware of.

(1) The most expensive one is to take the cable car. In order to take a ride you should walk from Myeong-dong station (명동역) (exit 3) in the direction of Namsan Mountain. You will figure out the starting point when you see the cable road. It will cost you 6000 Won one way and 8000 Won for a round trip. However, some people have complained about huge lines that you have to wait in.

(2) The cheapest but the longest is to get there on foot. I have to warn you, it’s a tiring walk uphill, but if you feel like doing it, then start walking from Myeong-dong station (exit 3) in the direction of Namsan Tower. It’s hard to get lost because the Tower can be seen almost all of the way.

(3) The most convenient is to take a bus. There are several buses that you can use.

  1. First, the bus number 2 which goes from Chungmuro Station (충무로역) (exit 2) or Dongguk University Station (exit 6).
  2. Second, is the bus number 3 which goes from Seoul Station (exit 9), Itaewon Station (exit 4) or Hangangjin Station (exit 2).
  3. Third, the bus number 5 which goes from Myeong-dong Station (exit 3) or Chungmuro Station (exit 2).

These buses will take you directly to the top of the mountain. The ticket cost is the usual 1200 Won in cash or 1100 Won if you are using a T-money (티머니) card. Although, note that their working hours are till 23:30. There is a Seoul City Tour Bus but no rational person will take it to get to a Seoul Tower. Maybe another article will tell you more about this bus.

Once you get there you will be able to find several spots around the Tower with pretty good views.


There is also a fence there all covered by locks, so if you are with you couple or just a friend you can put a lock to “secure your relationship.” You can bring a lock with you, however you will be able to buy one in the souvenir shop on sight.

3 4


On the same level you will be able to easily find a ticket booth. For the average person the ticket only will cost 10000 Won. However, they offer popcorn, soda or beer at a special price with your ticket. Once you get a ticket go to the elevator that will bring you to the top of the Namsan Tower.

Finally, you will be able to enjoy the views you came for. Here are just a few photos of what can be seen from above.

5 6

There is also a candy shop, a souvenir shop, a few cafes and a restaurant to your service. I have only one thing to add; this is how a man’s toilet look like up there:



Article by Pavel from Russia

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