[End of Term] Fall 2015 myHUBS Reporters

We’d like to announce that the reporters of the Fall 2015 myHUBS team have finished their term for the blog.  This team contributed to exactly 81 articles in total for one semester, which is an improvement from the previous semester. They informed readers on tips regarding life as an exchange student and a foreigner in Korea, traveling around Seoul and Korea for food, sightseeing, various festivals, mountain climbing, and temple stay, and neighboorhood countries for travel such as Japan, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Phillipines. Their experience along with the rich perspective and help from native students will definitely be helpful for future exchange students to HUBS.

Thanks alot for one full semester guys! You will be remembered by the article you wrote, which fully express your enthusiastic attitude and the sacrifices that you made every week by participating in our weely lunch meetings and writing articles every week. Our readers will most definitely miss this team!

Esther, hope to see you in Florida, where it is much warmer.

Kavi, hope to see you in Canada, where it is much colder.

Miia and Zanda in the U.K.

and lastly our four Korean reporters, Hyunyoung who is going to Germany for one semester, Youjin who is going to the Netherlands as an exchange student, Hyosik who is going to the army for 21 months, and Shin Hwa.


Once again,

Thanks alot guys!

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