The Cosmetic Brands of Korea (Part 2)

Last time, I introduced three cosmetic brands in Korea which are cheap price. I said they are most popular among them. Today, I will introduce another cosmetic brands that are not popular that much, but have representative products.

1. Missha

Until the first half of 2015, there are many Missha stores in subway. Actually, Missha was the first brand that start “cheap cosmetic”. However, these days, Missha has problems that they do not have any famous representative products except one thing. That is “Night repair science activator ampoule”. It is the cheaper version of ESTEE LAUBER’s “Advanced night repair”. Their brands are not related but Missha marketed it. It is for moisturizing skin. Though there are nothing to say “representative products” except it, Missha’s other products have good quality compared to price. Shadow and lip products’ colors are various and pretty. I think it’s worth to buy and try them if you want.


2. Nature Republic

Do you remember I said Etude is pink and Innisfree is green? Nature Republic is also green. You can see this brand on the Hanyang univ. station. (Actually, there was Missha until last semester) On a side note though, I think the brands which emphasize green color have best sellers in skin care, not makeup. Likewise, Nature republic has representative products in skin care. The most popular one is “ALOE VERA soothing gel”. In before, Korean girls called it “beast gel” because it is large in quantity compared to price. It’s very very chep compared to quantity. Also there are another representative product, “ARGAN ESSENTIAL deep care hair pack”. It is hair pack literally. It has similar function of conditioner.

nature republic

Source: Nature Republic

3. Tonymoly

According to Tonymoly’s brand introducing, Tony means fabulous in English and Moly means “to put in”. Therefore, Tonymoly means “put beauty in”. (whateverJ) Most cheap cosmetic brands emphasize cute, pure, clean, or lovely mood. However, in my opinion, Tonymoly emphasize sexy and mature mood that means more concentrated on makeup. So it has representative products on makeup. The most popular one is “Back stage gel eyeliner”. Actually, I used it before. It is very great. I think if you use gel eyeliner, you must try it. It has various colors and there is a litte smudging. In addition, there is “LUMINOUS” line in Tonymoly. In LUMINOUS line, there are BB cream, CC cream, and etc. If you need some makeup base products and you have similar skin color with Korean, Try it!


Source: Tonymoly

4. the SAEM

Actually, I have never used the SAEM’s products. I don’t know why but I want to try some their products. There is very popular representative product and also it is best seller. When the SAEM has sale promotion, you need to pick this quickly. It is “Cover Perfection TIP CONCEALER”. Last time, I went the SAEM’s store for buying this one, but because I went there on last day of sale, I couldn’t get it.

the SAEM

Source: the SAEM

5. Skin Food

Skin Food has a very famous phrase. “Don’ eat, give it to your skin” Because of their concept, they use many food, fruit or whatever we can eat in their name. Skin Food is more popular in skin care than makeup. But I think their makeup products are pretty good. The most popular product is “ROYAL HONEY PROPOLS ESSENCE”. It is serum. It is very great when you have some trouble on skin or your skin is too dry. Some people say this is the best one among cheap brands’ serum.

skin food


These five brands and the three brands that I introduce last article are almost all cheap cosmetic brands. Also these five brands have regular sale promotion and they have their own application for membership. I recommend to plus kakao friends if you use kakao application. It is good for noticed sale promotion. I hope you could get the best items :)


Article by Yujin from Korea

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