Packing for Korea

For all you new exchange students coming to Korea for the first times there are certain things that you should pack that you may not be able to get in Korea, or not cheaply at least.

1. Sheets: While you can get sheets in Seoul, you cannot find fitted sheets here. And trust me you are going to want a fitted sheet when you see the state of your dorm mattress. You may be tempted to buy the sheet and comforter set that is initially offered to all the exchange students coming to Hanyang, which is a pretty good deal. But if you are going to buy the kit, be warned that it does not come with a fitted sheet.

2. Deodorant: Normal western deodorant does not really exist here, or if you find it, it costs a lot more than at home. I suggest bringing an extra with you. However, if you do forget, your best bet to find regular deodorant will be at the bookstore called “What the Book” in Itaewon… random I know!

3. Tampons: Ladies do not forget these! You cannot find them here.

4. Disinfectant Wipes: I got to the dorm late at night after a long two days of travel. To my horror the room had not been cleaned before I moved in, I was extremely grateful to have packed a small package of disinfectant wipes so hold me over until I could purchase proper cleaning products

5. Granola Bars: If you are like me and eat a granola bar everyday it is smart to stock your suitcase with a big box from Costco. Granola bars are fairly expensive here and there is not much selection. Besides, if you pack them in you suitcase on the way to Seoul, that is all the more room for your souvenirs on the way home.

6. Food Containers: While you can buy these here (which I ended up doing), it would be very useful if you just grab a couple plastic containers from and use them to organize your packing, and then when you get here you have them to hold your snacks.

7. Fork, Knife, and Spoons: Living in the dorms you can’t cook for yourself, but I ended up buying these items for the yogurt or salads I kept in the fridge. Eating out for every meal of the day gets tiring after a while.


These are all just things you may not think to pack, or pack extra of, when coming to Korea. Everything else, such as a convertor, toothbrush, and your underpants, should be self-explanatory! I hope you are excited for one of the best experiences of your life! Good luck J


Article by Lindsay from Canada

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