Upcoming May 2015 Festivals in Seoul

Here are some festivals that you should look into going if you have some free time in May!

DDP Design Free Market


Location: DDP (DongDaeMoon)

Starting from April 18th to May 31st of 2015, there will be an event at the DDP (DongDaeMoon Plaza) to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of its opening! Known for being the clothing and fashion center of Seoul, DongDaeMoon has recently opened up the plaza, an architectural masterpiece that has become the center of the area. The Design Free Market allows designers and buyers to come together and interact, showing off artwork, clothes, crafts, and so much more. They are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 7pm, and will finish at the end of this month so make sure to head over before it’s too late!

DDP market free DDP flower


Hanyang University Festival


Location: Hayang University Campus in Seoul

Every semester, all of the universities have their “Campus Festival”, where it features three days of events, competitions, concerts, and other festivities. Each university takes pride in their festival and the whole campus turns into having an upbeat and fun atmosphere for that week! Starting from May 20th to the 22nd, Hanyang will have their festival! The details of the festivities have not yet been revealed, but there is rumor that famous KPOP Girl Group, Girl’s Day will be performing, along with NoRaJo. There will be singing competitions, band performances, food stands and alcohol stands, free markets, and much more! So make sure to keep an eye open around campus for signs and posters!

Hanyang concert Festival HYU


Lotus Lantern Festival

Lotus Festival

Location: multiple locations (Jogyesa Temple, Bongeunsa Temple, Dongguk University area, Cheonggyecheon Stream area)

From the 15th to the 26th of May, there will be the Lighting Lantern Festival in Seoul. Popular among the people, this beautiful and picturesque festival displays hundreds of lanterns at many different locations. A longtime tradition since a thousand years ago, the YeonDeungHoe Festival is even considered an important Cultural Property No. 122.

There are traditional lanterns that will be shown throughout many temples that will last until the 26th. However, the main events will occur from the 15th to the 17th. Lotus Lantern Parade will happen on May 16th at the Jongno Street. And most importantly, on the 17th of May, most of the events will take place like cultural performances and most importantly, the Yeondeungnori (or the Final Celebration).

For more information and a detail schedule, visit their main website http://www.llf.or.kr/eng/index.asp. The website provides dates and maps for all the festivities and their corresponding locations.

lantern img_102

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Article by Wonmi from the U.S.A.

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