My Trip to Anmyeondo


If you are looking for a place to enjoy sea and some unique spring festivals, I recommend (안면도) as a daytrip spot. I went there during my winter vacation and appreciated the scenery of the west coast’s winter. It would be also good to visit there in this spring or the upcoming summer vacation. Anmyeondo is an island in Chungcheongnam-do (충청남도) so you can easily get there by bus. From Nambu Bus Terminal, it takes about 3 hours to get there (₩10,600 for an adult).

Arriving at Anmyeondo, I had late lunch at a market near Anmyeon Bus Terminal and moved to “Kkotji Beach”. But if you are planning to go there in spring, I recommend you to first visit the annual tulip festival (Taean Tulip Festival) and move to the beach after that. You can enjoy spring flowers on the green field and various festival foods in some booths. There is another festival called Taean Light Festival, paired with the Tulip Festival. And I will talk about it below.

이미지 2 1902007_image2_1

Kkotji beach is well known as ‘the best place to see the sunset’ in Korea. There are two rocks called ‘Grandma and grandpa Rocks’. The two rocks make the sunset view more impressive. After checking sunset hour, I started to take pictures of beautiful seaside.

IMG_20150227_154557 IMG_20150227_154405 IMG_20150228_100746 IMG_20150227_181416

At the beach, I found some female divers selling raw seafood that they picked by themselves and soju along with it. Small octopuses, sea cucumbers, and sea squirts that I was quite unfamiliar with but were really fresh and tasted good.


Around the beachside, there was a small fish market where I could buy fish I wanted to eat. Beside the market, a skillful man sliced my delicious fish into tender sashimi. I could enjoy fresh raw fish at more reasonable price than in Seoul.

IMG_20150227_164019 IMG_20150227_164005 IMG_20150227_163933 IMG_20150227_164144

Around 5:30, the sun had started to set and the view at the beach was out of sight. The sky turned red, blue and yellow and the view with the Grandma and Grandpa rocks as the background was the main highlight.

IMG_20150227_181416 이미지 3

At night, how about visiting Taean Light Festival I mentioned before? Two million LED light bulbs will give you good memories with your friends and family. There are also some camp sites to enjoy camping in hot summer nights.

1932366_image2_1 1932369_image2_1


Anmyeondo would be a great place to visit in this season where beautiful landscapes and two twin festivals, Tulip and Light Festivals are waiting for you. Here is more detailed information about the festivals. Hope you enjoy May.


Taean Tulip Festival

Date: 2015.4.17~2015.5.10

Place: Chungcheongnam-do Taean-gun Nam-myeon Shinon-li Natureworld (충남 태안군 남면 신온리 네이처월드)

Participation Fee: ₩9,000 for an adult


Taean Light Festival

Date: 2014.7.11~2015.12.31

Place: Taean Flower Festival Place (태안 꽃 축제장)

Participation Fee: ₩6,000 for an adult

For more information, use Google or Naver or visit


Article by Wonji from Korea

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