The Best Korean Dramas: Part Ⅱ

Following <Korean Best Dramas 1 – Romance & Romantic Comedy>, I am back with part 2, with the latest dramas. This time, I excluded popular, big hits like <You who came from the stars> or <Secret Garden> because almost everybody knows them. As I said in part 1, these dramas are just my recommendations so let me know your best dramas in the comments below.


1. Nine, 9 times of time travel

2013, tvN / Lee Jinwook, Jo Yoonhee

It’s the best time-slip drama I’ve ever watched. It is an interesting story about a man who gained 9 incenses to travel 20 years back. He tries to find out the mystery of his brother’s death and change his fate through time travel. The plot seems absurd, but ‘Nine’ fans in Korea ensure the quality of the drama. Lee Jinwook’s mournful acting and dynamic action scenes are worth seeing. It makes the watchers wonder about every next episode.



2. Secret Love Affair

2014, JTBC / Kim Heeae, Yoo Ain

The title ‘Secret Love Affair’ is a little bit frank, but I want to tell you that this drama is really sophisticated and figurative. It’s about a secret love affair between an ambitious planning director of Seohyun Art Foundation, Oh Hyewon and a 20-year-old musical prodigy, Lee Sunjae. As every inch of their love story was an ‘affair’, there was some criticism that this drama glorified adultery. However, touching lines, sensible direction, and beautiful classic music used in this drama are enough to make criticisms look small. Veteran leading actors’ performances are not to mention.

Secret Love Affair

Secret Love Affair

3. Yuna’s Street

2014, JTBC / Lee Heejun, Kim Okbin

What do you think about a pickpocket heroine? Yuna, played by Kim Okbin, is a pickpocket with three previous convictions. The story begins with a good-hearted man Changman(Lee Heejun) moving in a multiplex house where Yuna lives in. He changes the lives of the people living in that house, including Yuna’s. I recommend this drama because it shows real lives of ordinary people. It is for those who are sick and tired of old Cinderella stories.

Yuna's Street

Yuna’s Street

4. Discovery of Love (requested)

2014, KBS2 / Jung Yumi, Eric, Sungjun

Honestly, I don’t watch this drama, but it’s quite popular now. It is a story about a woman who experiences inner conflicts between the perfect current boyfriend and ex-boyfriend of 5 years. The heroine Jung Yumi is really lovely. The two leading actors, Jung Yumi and Eric once starred together in the drama , so their reunion in this drama is impressive. It would be great if it was different from the series in which the writer and actors overlap with this drama.

Discovery of Love

Discovery of Love

By Wonji from Korea

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