New Bloggers for 2021 Fall Semester

Hello everyone :) I’m Donggyu Lee, the new reporter of HUBS!

I think I’m living a very different life before and after COVID-19. Before COVID-19, I really liked to play outside. I liked to see various exhibitions and pretty places, but most of all, I really liked EDM Festivals. At that time, I attended all major festivals held in Korea. I especially like DJs such as Kygo, Sam Feldt, Don Diablo, and Galantis. I hope the day comes when we can listen to exciting music outside like then.

After COVID-19, I think I spend the most time at home. When I usually rest, I roll around watching Netflix or YouTube. Did you all watch <Squid Game>? I heard it’s so popular these days, so I watched it and it was really fun. I’m just waiting for season 2 to come out soon.

Um, and… These days, I don’t go out often, so I think I like to spend time alone listening to calm music on Spotify. Sometimes silence is the most enjoyable moment. When I listen to FKJ’s song with only a small light on in my room, I really like that moment because I can’t think of any worries and complicated thoughts. When COVID-19 ends and my favorite artists such as FKJ, LANY, and Lauv come to Korea to perform, I will go see them right away. Cool music is – LOVE!

I am very interested in various cultures and trends that are popular. So, I will continue to introduce Korea’s various culture and trend to HUBS readers. I will do my best to write many useful and helpful articles in the future!

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