Electric Kickboard

Hajon Lee

If you go around Korea or even in school, you have probably seen those green or purple electric kickboards. It is very efficient and easy to ride when going from one place to another. I am also a user of electric kickboard when I am in a hurry or it is a place where buses don’t operate. All you need is the electric kickboard apps such as Kick-going, Lime, Beam, etc. Then you need to register a driver’s license and then just need to find a working kickboard. 

There are various regulations for using the kickboard and some have been brought to light in recent days as they were not being met. If you want to ride a kickboard, you must wear a helmet and also have a proper driving license. Most of the people don’t use a helmet as they don’t carry one around, but there is no one to bring order to this. The police do not interfere or catch people without the proper attire for such mobile.

Furthermore, there is a great controversy in registering a driver license as people could just take pictures of a bird or a tree, basically anything and get through with it. This would mean underage teenagers are able to ride it without any authentication and have caused various harm. If you don’t register a driver license you can use the kickboard for only three days. 

Also, You are not allowed to ride it in the walking path of people, only on the side of the road where bikes are allowed. However, most of the people are not aware of this so just ride in the pathway where people are present. This has caused a lot of accidents by bumping or crashing into people. Kickboards are very dangerous as they go up to about 30km/h depending on the brand and they are very hard to control unlike a bicycle.

There have been numerous incidents with kickboards. For example, recently two teenagers have crashed with a taxi. It is so easy to get hurt when riding a kickboard because of its light weightness and people’s unarearness of the road. Another recent incident was when a man in his 50s was hit by a fork crane and lost his life. 

Please be aware when riding a kickboard, and have a helmet on you. As fast and efficient it is, the easier you can get into an accident.

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