[End of Term] 2020 Spring MyHUBS Reporters

Kim Ga Eun

[My Last Article as a My HUBS Reporter]

It’s really unbelievable that I am writing my last article as a hubs reporter for this semester. I think this semester went so fast because of studying through online class. I wanted to meet many foreign students through this activity, but I feel sad I couldn’t meet anyone. But I hope my articles gave help to many students who study in foreign country called Korea. I also studied about three months in New Zealand as a foreign student, and I remember that many friends in New Zealand helped me a lot with adapting new culture. I felt so thankful and that experience taught me to help foreign friends who came Korea. I will continuously try to help foreign students in our school and get along well.

Through writing articles this semester, I felt responsibility to update information that can resolve curiosity, and introduce hidden places where only Koreans could approach. I wanted to tell some information not only about our school, but Korean culture and many places you can enjoy while staying at Korea. By searching and recalling own experience, I also learned a lot of things about Korea and our school. Also, It was really a good experience to improve my writing skills in English. If there’s another opportunity to participate activities such as helping and making foreign friends, I want to volunteer and make good memories with people.

Though my role as a Hubs reporter finishes soon, I’ll always looking forward and visit MyHUBS blog homepage. Thanks for reading my articles!

Kim Su Un Taeh

Hanyang University – June 25th 2020/Su Un Taeh Kim) The eventful 1st semester has come to an end along with my brief writings in myHUBS. To be honest, the task of creating information regarding the university and the country itself was perceived as an easy one at first. However, I’ve realized that ‘knowing’ and ‘sharing’ things are in different dimensions and transitioning from one to another requires extensive work. As a Seoulite born and raised within the walls of the ancient city, it was easy proclaiming myself as an expert on the city and its countless adventures. Contrary to my self-acknowledged prowess, the process of translating the information stored my neural mass to a language that anyone can understand proved to be quite difficult. What is to be noted is that after the countless rewrites and ctr+alt+del that I’ve done writing articles, I knew more about my beloved city that I was sharing with the audience and was left with a deeper understanding on the subject. Thus, I’ve learned the lesson that ‘sharing’ knowledge actually ‘expands’ the knowledge that one already knows. I sincerely hope that the readers have learned a few on Korean history and its glorious remnants in Seoul, because I certainly have during the past 3 months at myHUBS.

Thank  You!

Lee Dong Hoon

This is my last article at myHUBS. It has been a great experience to be an blog reporter on myHUBS. Due to Covid-19, this spring semester has been a time of quarantine. Staying at home for the most of my hours, I got to spend a lot of time by myself. One of them was to write. I started writing my personal blog as well as myHUBS. I tried to write my personal experiences at myHUBS. Writing down my personal experiences helped me a lot with getting my thoughts together and look back at my experiences. I have always wanted to journal however, I failed to keep journaling several times. This opportunity really helped me give a chance to journal. Journaling kept my emotions and memories present. Once you (the readers) get a chance, I highly recommend try journaling. Hope you all try journaling and keep sharing your beautiful experiences.

Lee Ha Jon

These last four months seemed so fast. It was as if time passed by with a blink. I’m not sure if all my articles were the reader’s taste. It may have been a bit more personal as I was writing my blogs as a way of storytelling and things that came out from my experience and lifestyle. Living in Gangnam, a lot of my articles are places in that area. It is somewhat also where students don’t really go to or have been to because of the characteristic of those places. Living in Korea as a foreigner may sometimes be hard because of the language barrier and how most of the information that are on the internet is in Korean, but through my articles and many other I hope you explore and find out the fine line between history and modernism in Korea. It’s been my distinct pleasure in being a Hubs reporter for a semester. It was great to keep up my English writing skills, as I haven’t been using English for a long time except for some of my English classes. It has been an indulgence for myself when I get to recall my memories and actually put them into words for some totally new to visit and have a visit to. Thank you for reading my articles. I hope I leave you not only words in a paper, but a curiosity and a message to go and just live life.

Lee Soo Yeon

Looking through the articles that I have written for the last few weeks, I felt happy once again that I could share things with my readers. I am not really sure if you all liked my articles or not, but I did my best to deliver useful information with you guys. I guess this semester was quite tough for all of us, due to the COVID-19 situation happening all over the world. Especially for those who have been waiting for an offline campus life in Hanyang, I bet this semester might be a bit disappointing to you all. However, I hope the articles in HUBS web-page made your life in Seoul a bit happier! It was a great pleasure and an honor for me to write articles for HUBS. If you have any questions about my articles or any other things in Campus or staying in Seoul, please feel free to ask me. Thank you so much for your reading. Wish you the best regards always!

Nam Seung Hyun

It has been a great honor to write for others. Hope all readers have enjoyed my articles and i would be so glad if some information that I’ve written helped your University life in South Korea. Every week of this 2020 spring semester made me so exciting that  i had time to think really hard for topics of my article. Thinking of people who might read my article made me happy every second while writing it. Despite the unpredictable pandemic that has ruined our campus life, i hope all MyHUBS articles could be at least a little bit of help to courage through this nightmare. Thanks for reading, and wish everyone stay safe until this chaos settles.

Min Woo Joo

[Things I learned by writing articles for HYUBIZ English Blog]

 I recall the day I interviewed for a job to write articles for English blog. It said it will be proceeded via skype due to COVID-19. I thought it would be on skype call, but didn’t knew it would be skype VIDEO call. So I had to video chat with administrator unprepared with my beard and hairband on. I can tell for sure it was embarrassing for both of us.

Anyway, I started writing articles for the blog. I am currently the member of HYUBIZ newspaper and I thought I could find lots of topic to write and use one for the newspaper and others for the blog and only thing different is the language. Actually it wasn’t. Writing articles in English was fun but understanding English well is one thing, and writing articles in English was another. I had to go through bit of a struggle to write articles and used Google search a LOT. I think this line of thinking improved my English skills even more than I anticipated.

 I would like to use this article to personally thank administrator and especially our reviewer Lee. It is our system that writers write their articles and on of writers review it all for grammar or things that doesn’t make sense. I shamefully admit that I submitted articles late quite often and it had been hard for reviewer to review it before upload. And of course there’s kind administrators asking for articles to upload.

 Pushing aside things that I didn’t do good, this opportunity was something that kept me finding issues and forming my thoughts to language during COVID crisis time. There was many frustrating news during this time but despite all that I was glad that I was given the chance to share my thought with the readers.

 It has been weird and unfamiliar semester, and it was nice experience doing English blog. I hope readers enjoyed my articles including this last one, and I wish good luck health wise to you all.


  1. Thank you for your work and effort everyone :)

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