Songni Dan-gil “송리단 길”

Hey guys

Are you tired of visiting tourist sites? Do you want to know about the top trending places among the 20s? Today I will be introducing to you about Songni Dan-gil a trending go to spot for youngsters for quality food and numerous cafes.

The term –Dan gil is a new trending word that describes streets full of ‘hip’ cafes and pubs. It originated from Itewon Gyeonglidangil. The ‘hip’ cafes, pubs and restaurants are usually run by newly starting owners that are eager to show their taste. Among these trending new streets filled with youth, Songni Dan-gil is the most recent addition to the mix.

Located in Songpa gu, Songpa 1dong, more and more people started to visit since October 2017. The street near the Seokchon Lake is the main part of the Songni Dan-gil where the trending places are clustered. The fame started with the spread of instagrams and other sns.

Upon actually visiting the area many people are surprised due to the lack of signs. The street does not show that much difference from that of any other typical street of  the somewhat older parts of Seoul. Filled with villas, supermarkets, even laundry centers. To find these sns hot places it is like a treasure hunt.  For example, the cafe Gabedo, is located inside a old building. The cafe does not show any indication of location and only upon going inside the building can one find the cafe. What adds to this ambiguity is that most of the new trending shops did there best to harmonize their exterior with the existing buildings to not look out of place, thus most of the cafes/restaurants have focused in their interior. The effect is like opening an old box and finding treasures inside; a pleasant surprise.

Let me introduce some of my personal favorite places to visit here.

  1. mien ai

Taiwanese beef noodle soup made of rich beef broth and the center heel of shank. You may also enjoy a variety of Taiwanese dishes tailored to Korean people’s taste.

Location: 5 Ogeum-ro 16-gil, Songpagu, Seoul

  1. Manpuku

Manpuku is a restaurant that serves Japanese-style rice with various toppings, who’s witty owner attracts a lot of regulars. In particular, its rice with salmon is very popular. It is my personal favorite restaurant and if you are to visit the place in the weekends, be prepared for a long wait.


Location: 4-9 Ogeum-ro 18-gil,Songpa-gu, Seoul

  1. GOD EAT

God Eat is a Mexican restaurant that serves delicious Mexican dishes. Though it is well known for its taste, this place is also popular for its hardwood interior that creates a unique atmosphere.


Location: 8-1 Baekjegobun-ro 45-gil, Songpa-gu, Seoul

Other than the three restaurants I introduced to you today, there are so much more to try and eat. There are number of cafes as well, the range is amazing and will satisfy everybody’s taste!

Being next to Seokcheon Lake, nearby is Lotte world and department store, making it a great go to place for the week ends. Enjoy going shopping or going to the amusement park, have some lunch or dinner and coffee in the Songni Dan-gil, then take a stroll around the lake for some exercise afterwards!


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