Buying Korean baseball game tickets in online! – Interpark Ticket (인터파크티켓) (by Jung Mok)

In Korea, there are four major ongoing sports leagues every year. The K –League (soccer) and KBO (baseball) starts every March and finishes in November, including post seasons. KBL (basketball) and V – league (volleyball) season starts every October and finishes in March. Korean people love watching and cheering for their favorite teams as much as playing sports.


I am also a big fan of sports, and I like to go to the baseball stadium with my friends to get rid of my stress. I heard Korean baseball game culture is different from that of major league baseball. In Korea, we have a “Cheering Culture”, where people sing and dance until they lose their voices. Each player in each team has different fight songs, so it would be a good experience to go to stadium and sing along with people for your team to win.

There are many different ways to reserve a ticket. You can go to the stadium and purchase them from the ticket booth, but it is pretty annoying to wait in long lines, not to mention how hard it is to get a good seat. Therefore, I will introduce online ticketing.

  1. Interpart Ticket (인터파크 티켓) is where you can buy most performance tickets that are happening in South Korea, including concert, musical and orchestra etc.                                                                                      정목2
  2. To get to sports ticket page, you need to click the button where I highlighted with yellow star and circle.정목3

The big yellow circle shows the games that are available for reservation. Depending on your preferred team, you can click the red button “예매하기” (=“To reserve”) to get to the purchasing page.                                                              

 And this will pop up. This page is where you can select the seat.정목4

Seats that are next to the 1st base is the “Home Team” Area and seats that are close to the 3rd base is “Away Team” area. I always prefer to go to home team area because most of the time, the cheering in the home team area is bigger and more exciting than that of away team. So, if you want to have fun you must click on the button where the home team seats are located.

Ps. “1루 레드응원석” are the most exciting seats because you get to see the cheerleading team and can sing and dance with them! Hahaha정목5

 4. I selected the red zone and now you get to choose the seats more specifically and then you click “좌석선택완료정목6

정목7 5. Select how many seats you want to reserve on the previous page and complete section #1 and then click #2 “다음단계” to write down your profile.정목86. Click the “현장수령” button, which means you can print out the ticket at the machine by typing reservation number after the purchase. And type your birthday and then click “다음단계”.정목97. Now you select the “무통장입급” = “Sending Money via ATM machine” Most of your main transaction bank will be 신한은행 (Shinhan Bank), which is the main sponsoring bank of our university정목11 8. Check the check box and then click “결제하기” = Purchase button

정목11 9. Now this is the most important part. You have to check the total amount of money you have to send to the ticket company. For this example, it is 13,500 + 500 (commission) = 14,000. Now you need to check the account number at #2, which is 신한은행(Shinhan Bank) 562023399640576, and send exact 14,000 won though ATM machine by 2017.09.18 23:59. If you don’t send before the time, the ticket will be canceled.

정목12 10. After you pay the bill then it will show you the “Reservation number” and you can issue the ticket at the stadium by just typing this number on the ticket machine!
Enjoy your time in Korean baseball game!

Ps. You can bring any food such as chicken, kimbab, hamburgers and pizzas as well!

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