Life as a myHUBS Reporter (by Hee-sun)

Now the semester of MyHUBS has come to an end. Writing English articles for a blog was a new experience for me. Although writing articles according to the deadline was quite difficult for me, it was fun to know the writers of MyHUBS.

I have always wanted to give information to people who visit Korea, to give them a better experience during their stay. Therefore I try to interact a lot with my foreign friends. However, it is not easy to give them a lot of information by just interacting. I feel that writing for MyHUBS was a way of giving useful, fun and up-to-date information about Korea and school life.

At first it felt hard to think of new ideas for writing articles. But one I started to think about what would interest our readers, it was easy to think of ideas. I think there will be plenty more topics to write about in the future. The happiest memory I have this semester with MyHUBS is when a friend of mine said that she saw my article. I didn’t know that so many people actually read my article! It felt so good to know that my articles are read, and they are useful. I am not sure if I will get the chance of writing for MyHUBS next semester, but MyHUBS made my Spring Semester of 2017 a good one. Thank you, readers!


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