Visit Universities in Korea (Part 2)

I have been to a lot of universities in Seoul.

There were several reasons to visit universities but every time I visited another school I felt some thing new to look around the campuses. In succession with the last article, I am going to introduce more universities in Seoul. I arranged the universities that have a base in the western part of Seoul. The place were these universities exists are called Shinchon (신촌).

Source: Google Maps


1.     Yonsei University  Main Campus (Sinchon)


Yonsei University (연세대학교) is one of the SKY Universities in Korea. The K stands for Korea University (고려대학교), and the S stands for Seoul National Univesity (서울대학교). Wikipedia shows a brief introduction about Yonsei.

‘Yonsei University is a private research university in SeoulSouth Korea. It is one of Korea’s three SKY universities, considered the most prestigious in the country. Yonsei was established in 1885 and is the oldest university in South Korea. In the symbol of Yonsei University, there is a shield. In the shield, ‘ㅇ’ means sky, ‘ㅡ’ means land and ‘ㅅ’ means human. On the left side of ‘ㅇ’, the book is truth; on the right side, the torch is freedom. The shield defends these two ideologies.’ (Source: Wikipedia)


Inside Yonsei university’s main campus it is hard to find freshman students. It is because all of the students that are studying in Yonsei has a rule that in the first year students have to study in Yonsei Songdo International Campus (송도국제캠퍼스). So when you visit Yonsei University you can have a feeling that the school is more clean and organized. To tour around the school all you have to do is walk along the main path called Baegyangno (백양로). Many people like to see the Yeonhee Kwan (연희관) which is the end of Baegyangno. This place is the most famous and popular place in Yonsei University. This building is the antique building and it gives a feeling that we are in a very classic university.

Also you have to see the new business building. Inside the building you can see the up to date styles and the facilities. (pic5)


Outside Yonsei University there is a big university town called shinchon (신촌). This town is made of several universities that are around shinchon like Ehwa (이화여자대학교) and Sogang University (서강대학교). All three schools are the top schools but not as much as Yonsei so I selected Yonsei to represent Shinchon.

But Ehwa and Sogang University has much more importance to be overpassed so I will introduce these two universities in affiliation.


Source: Sisa News Today

Ewha University is really right next to Yonsei. You can see the Ewha campus in the international building in Yonsei. The color of white and the mood of the campus is quite similar with Yonsei’s but in Ewha there is a place called EEC. When I saw EEC with my eyes the size was not as much as I expected but there were many facilities inside the underground. Also there are some antique buildings inside the campus but it is quite far for the main buildings. Some males worry about the availability of the women’s school but there are plenty of men in the campus you don’t have to be shy.

Songang University

This school is always made fun by its size of the school. But if you actually go to the school you can know that the size is not small as you expected. Actually there are not many schools that are bigger than Songang University in Seoul. I recommend to look around the Emmaus Building (엠마오관). There is a large electronic clock and inside the building there is a cafeteria. Other buildings are also worth to look around but there aren’t many things to see.


  1. Hongik University

This university also locates near Shinchon. And there is also another university town for a small school Hongik University. The school is small but the commercial district is big. Let’s see what Wikipedia is introducing Hongik University.

‘Hongik University, widely known as the best architecture and art institution rivalry with Seoul National University (SNU)in South Korea, is a university in the Mapo-gu district of central Seoul, South Korea with a second campus in Sejong. The university serves as a metonym for the Hongdae area, which was named one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world in 2016.’ (Source: Wikipedia)

Inside Hongik University there are many architectures. You can exhibit. The reason for the aesthetic sculpture maybe the powerful alumni from the college of fine arts. Or the pride for the fine art college. There are many famous artists from this university and this follows until know. As much as the number of artists in the school the school festival is one of the best festivals in Korea. I recommend to come when the school holds a festival at May.



Outside there are lots and lots of hidden places that are good to visit. So, recommending places to eat will be very hard for people that have a diverse preference. Instead when you come to Hongdae walking around the street is a necessity. As the pictures there are lots of people that are showing their artistic talent. Walking along the streets you will have a chance to see many of the artists performing what they have.


Article by Jonghyuk from Korea, a Sophomore in Business Administration

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