Seoul Children’s Grand Park

This weekend, if you want to visit some places other than historical monuments and museums, and if you are looking forward to enjoy some outdoor activities like amusement parks, Seoul Children’s Grand Park may just be your destination. You do not have to be intimidated by the name due in part to the fact that the park is designated for visitors of different age groups. It is also very convenient to get to as it is located just about a distance of four stations from Hanyang University (transfer at Konkuk University to head to Children’s Grand Park Station on line 7).

To continue about this grand park, the Grand Park consists not only of amusement parks but also a zoo. On this vast area of land, there is also a botanical garden, outdoor performance hall, and music fountain. You can also see children come and go to play football at the football field in this park. From hearing all these facilities inside this large compound, you can imagine how grand the park is right now. Everything is free of charge, with the exception of the amusement park, in which you must buy tickets if you wish to ride anything. As for me, I don’t mind spending money on these rides where I can enjoy many other free activities.

As I entered the entrance of Children’s Grand Park, I was greeted by three Haechis (Korean legendary animals found all across the country). So, it’s selfie time for me with these cute animals. Later, I was brought back to my childhood by seeing the characters Snow White and little dwarfs. I also saw other figures such as Avatars, E.T, and some weird figure of a stone man carrying golden egg. Then, as I moved forward, I saw a children’s park where kids can ride swings and play on slides.

1 three haechis & me

Three Haechis

2 with three dwarves

Snow White and Three Dwarves

3 avatar

Avatar and E.T.

5 children playground

Children’s Playground within the Park

4 weird staue lifting golden egg

Finally, I arrived at the zoo, and was first greeted by a hibernating polar bear. I managed to take photos with an Eskimo child in front of the sleeping white bear. Next, I saw two ponies jumping around the fence although I failed to take photos of them in action. Although I had seen goats in the past, I had never seen a baby goat in my life, which marked the first time seeing it that day. I saw him drink his mom’s milk and play around happily after his sweet meal.

6 eskimo child in front of polar bear

Eskimo Child in Front of the Polar Bear

7 zoo, my favorite place in park

8 ponies

Two Ponies

9 baby goat

Baby Goat Feeding

10 playing baby goat

Next, I visited porcupines which were eating vegetables. It was very embarrassing for me that I mistakenly thought porcupines were the same species as skunks in my childhood. I also saw some otters swimming around the water after that. There were some kangaroos that did not hop around. I waited for five minutes to see them jump around yet they didn’t even bother moving.

11 porcupines


12 otters

Otters Swimming Around

13 kangaroos

Kangaroos Resting

The next part was the biggest adventure for me as I visited the ferocious animal village. However, I was very disappointed to see lazy tigers, cheetahs, and lions. So, I did not even take photos of these animals. It was more fun for me to take photos of their cartoon-like figures.

There was a separate area for birds which was under renovation during my visit. However, it didn’t matter much to me as I am not an enthusiastic bird-lovers.

14 puma

15 ferocious animals village

16 monkey

17 lion

After touring around the zoo for about two hours, I stopped near the music fountain which is located at the exit of the park. This fountain played very famous music, and some including pop songs. First greeted by “Gangnam Style”, I took a short video of this piece of entertainment.

18 rainbow music fountain

Rainbow Music Fountain Show

Overall, Seoul Children’s Grand Park is a giant park with many activities to enjoy without any additional costs. I have enjoyed this place without much expenditure, and I would recommend many visitors to come here while you are still in Seoul.

Hey, Hanyang exchange students, if you don’t feel like going to a place very far from Hanyang, yet you want to visit an interesting site, Children’s Grand Park could be an option for you.

By Zaw from Myanmar

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