Banpo Bridge

This week, I went to Banpo Bridge which is famous for its music fountain at night. It is located near the Express Bus Terminal Station (line 3, 7, 9) with its closest exit being exit 8-1. From the exit, you have to walk straight for 3-5 minutes, and then turn right at the intersection. After walking straight for another 7-10 minutes, you must cross the street at the crosswalk to go steep-down into the underground passageway to arrive the bridge. It took me about thirty minutes to go from Hanyang University Station, transferring at the Konkuk University Station to get to Express Bus Terminal Station, the final destination.

This area is usually packed with people on Friday and weekends. Usually, they would come to Banpo Bridge to relax at night-time. While relaxing, Korean people have a tradition of eating chicken and drinking beer on the riverside. Personally, I prefer this area as there is a music fountain that can be a refreshment for one’s self, relieving stress from the long working week. There are also many street shops around this area where you can buy snacks and drinks.

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Banpo Bridge is a preferable place to come with your family to let your children run around the park, and with your girlfriend or boyfriend to enjoy the romantic music while holding each other’s hands, or even with your friends to play games. In whole, it is an area suitable for any age groups.

The bridge is also regarded as the longest fountain bridge in the world. Usually, the music plays 3-4 times at night, and lasts about 30 minutes. Because of the beautiful scenery around this area, you can see many photographers taking pictures of this amazing bridge. Although the music played is Korean, you can still enjoy the romantic atmosphere by the riverside.

1580109_image2_1 1580114_image2_1


I went there in May when the weather was just fair (not very cold). I would recommend going there in late April and May when the weather is not very cold as it is an outdoor activity.

I cannot express exactly how much I like this place for some unknown reasons, but I am certain this place is worth-visiting. Is it because of the music fountain? The beautiful scenery? Not sure myself. Why don’t you go there with your family, friends, or someone special to find an answer of your own? :D

By Zaw from Myanmar

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