2014 Fall

Wonji from Seoul, Korea

  • studies Business Administration at HUBS since 2013
  • works as a staff at Hanyang Global Student Union
  • enjoys listening to music and watching movies
  • spends his free time mostly meeting friends and enjoying Korean food

Why do you participate in myHUBS?
I work at HGSU and I am interested in helping foreign students and being friends with them. I want to share various things in myHUBS blog like some tips I know about school life and Korean culture.

What’s your message to foreign students at HUBS?
Welcome to HUBS and I’m happy to study with you. Hope you get useful information through myHUBS blog and enjoy your school life at HUBS.

Mirela Mirela from Bulgaria

  • A Bulgarian journo, studying in the north of Scotland
  • Interested in writing, photography and design.
  • Loves travelling and exploring other cultures within a limit: wouldn’t try the silkworm pupae on the markets in Seoul

Why do you participate in myHUBS?

Writing is an important part of my life. By writing you share knowledge, you share experience, you give another perspective to the curious ones. So I really hope my articles will be useful and interesting to the readers of myHUBS.

What’s your message to foreign students at HUBS?

Travel, enjoy the culture, enjoy your life here. Open yourself to this new world and explore it. Having the chance to live in another country for a few months is a priceless present, so make the most out of it!

Jani Jani from Bulgaria

  • Studies Journalism at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Currently an exchange student at Hanyang University for 1 semester
  • Has a great passion for photography
  • Enjoys learning new languages

Why do you participate in myHUBS?

Because I am a foreign student in Seoul as well and would love to share my experiences and adventures while I’m here in help of all the future coming students. It is also related to my studies so I’ll be enjoying it.

What is your message to foreign students at HUBS?

Welcome and let you be immersed into the life and culture of Korea. This is a one lifetime opportunity! Use it well.

Sharon Sharon from Alberta, Canada

  • I’m a third year undergraduate student majoring in accounting at the University of Alberta, Canada.
  • An exchange student at HUBS for the current semester (2014 fall).
  • I spend most of my time meeting friends in Seoul and visiting delicious restaurants (맛집).

Why do you participate in MyHubs?

This is a great opportunity to build connections and learn more about the Korean culture and language. I hope to share my experience in this country and help students with a hard time adjusting to their new environment.

What’s your message to foreign students here?

Eat lots of Binsu! Make sure to visit Insadong and Samcheongdong J Once you familiarize yourself with Seoul’s subway system, you’ll be able to visit any place in the city!

Wonmi Wonmi from Florida, U.S.A.

  • Studied Biology in the U.S.
  • Is currently an exchange student at HYU for two semesters (Fall 2014 to Spring 2015)
  • Enjoys trying new foods, traveling, and listening to music

Why do you participate in myHUBS?

I’ve always enjoyed writing; documenting my life is both a pleasure and a stress-reliever for me. Given the wonderful opportunity that I’ve been given, I hope to help improve the blog and share information to help foreign exchange students assimilate better to their new lives here.

What’s your message to foreign students at HUBS?

Make the best of your time here. Enjoy the culture of Korea, whether it is new or familiar to you. Rest well, eat well, and make good friends. Welcome to Hanyang and I hope to grow with you while I’m here!

Yoon Yunkun from Seoul, Korea

  • Studies Business at Hanyang University since 2014
  • Loves to learn languages
  • Enjoys reading books and watching movies
  • Is always looking for new friends

Why do you participate in myHUBS?I am interested in writing articles and writing in general. Also I wish I can give useful information to those who need it, especially students from abroad and are new to Korea. From experience I know the hardships of students living away from their home country and want to help.What is your message to foreign students at HUBS?Welcome to HUBS and welcome to Korea. I hope you remember your time in Korea as one of the best times in your life. I hope we can become friends :)

Read2 Read from Alberta, Canada

  • Is currently studying for his MBA expecting to graduate in April 2015
  • Has his bachelors degree from the University of Calgary in Civil Engineering
  • Worked for six years as a geotechnical engineer designing building foundations
  • Teaches, performs, organizes events, and competes as a Swing Dancer
  • Is the band leader of a 12 piece Jazz Band. He plays Banjolele and sings

Why do you participate in myHUBS?I am looking forward to writing for HUBS and sharing all the cool stuff HUBS, Seoul, and Korea have to offer. I am very adventurous and always up to something fun. What’s your message to foreign students at HUBS?Koreans are really really nice! They love music, dancing, and having fun. Get out there and meet them!

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