Korean Narrative: Underground City in Downtown Seoul

Su Un Taeh Kim(Jongno, Seoul) Walking around downtown Jongno, it is easy to spot landmark historical buildings with their eye-catching grandeur and traditional architecture. However, just in Seoul there are only a handful of notable locations such as the usual 5 palaces of Seoul and other historical building from the Joseon Dynasty. If your stay […]

Interesting University Student Cultures in Korea

Nam Seung Hyun Situation 1 I have a serious problem here. I’ve just moved into Korea few weeks ago and started my University life in 00 University. I heard that Age is an important factor in relationships with people in the Korean society. We should use polite words like “~입니다, ~요” to older people or […]

Korean Narrative: Medieval Korean Pandemic

Su Un Taeh Kim When the global pandemic COVID-19 seemed to be under control in South Korea, recent appearances of the virus in Seoul proves that it’s still not safe to roam around the streets and parks. As we are once again trapped in our homes, it seems adequate to recommend an interesting Netflix series […]


Seung Hyun Nam George Floyd, 46, died on the street due to strangulation the autopsy says, in the custody of Minneapolis police. And not so long after his death, protests are continuing to rage all over the nation demanding for justice. Through SNS like Instagram in addition, hashtag movements such as “#blacklivesmatter” became prominent. But […]

Why Do Students Study at Cafés

Donghoon Lee There are a lot of cafes at Seoul. If you visit one, you might see a lot of students studying, people talking at the cafe. Koreans love cafes. According to ICO (International Coffee Organization), 2015 Korea ranked 6th in coffee consumption. Cafes at Korea has become a more of a place to spend […]

Taking Advantage out of Historical Pain

Lee Sooyeon The matter of comfort woman (people who were forced to be sex slaves by the Imperial Japanese Army) has been a huge historical and ethical issue for years. Recently, a news about Yoon Mi-Hyang (known as a South Korean human rights activist, politician, and author, and at the same time the former head […]

The Law of Korean Time

Seung Hyun Nam Have you ever heard of the saying “Korean-Time”? A word made by Korean teens, meaning, it is never wrong to add up half an hour in any meeting estimated time for everyone to arrive. To elaborate, if you are about to meet one of your Korean friends at 7 P.M. for dinner […]

Movies to Watch When Corona Crisis is Over

Woo Joo Min Coronavirus COVID-19 made many people and business in difficulties and one of them is the film industry. I myself is a big movie fan so I’m bit struggling with the situation which every fine new movies are postponed and there is nothing to watch at theater even if I use the whole […]