Academic Calender

Spring Semester 2014 Fall Semester 2014
Application Deadline 15th November 15th May
Class Beginning 3rd March 1st September
Housing Check-In 26th – 27th February 27th – 28thAugust
Housing Check-Out 22nd June (4 months) 21st February (6 months)
Orientation 28th February 29th August
Mid-term exam To be announced To be announced
Final term exam 9th – 14th June 15th – 20th December
Vacation 15th June – 31st August 20th December – 28th February

Public Holidays

National Holidays 2014
March 1st  Independence Movement Day
May 5th  Children’s Day
June 6th  Memorial Day
August 15th  Liberation Day
September 7 – 9th  Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving)
10th  Additional holiday
October 3rd  National Foundation Day
9th  Hangeul Day
December 25th  Christmas

Events (Spring Season)

Events in Korea
March 22nd-30th  The 17th Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival
22nd-30th  The 15th Gurye Sansuyu Flower Festival
30th-2nd April  The 36th Jindo Miracle Sea Festival
April 1st-10th  The 52nd Jinhae Gunhangje (festival for admiral Lee Sunshin)
2nd-6th  Nonsan Strawberry Festival
3rd-6th  The 17th Yeongdeok Snow crab Festival
4th-20th  The 32nd Busan Theater Festival
30th  Pochun Herb Island Light Festival

Events in Seoul
March 21st-26th  2014 F/W Seoul Fashion Week
29th  The Code Run-Urban Clue Solving Race
29th-30th  The 123rd Seoul Comic World
April 5th  The 6th Seoul Girls Collection (Fashion Show & Concert)
8th-18th June  Steam Punk Art Exhibition (Art of Victorian Futurism)

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