How comedians gained huge popularity on YouTube

 If you ask young people which comedians are the most popular in Korea now, most people will choose the YouTube channel <pisik University>. With the abolition of comedy programs by public broadcasters, young comedians headed to YouTube looking for substitutes. Among such comedian YouTubers, the most popular and trendy people are the members of the <Pisik University> channel.

            The  <Pisik University> was created by three comedians, Yong-joo Lee, Jae-hyung Jung, and Min-soo Kima, and the total number of subscribers exceeded 1.45 million as of the first week of October. They are all comedians from broadcasters, showing their talents and talents that they have not shown on the public comedy stage on YouTube. They are gaining huge popularity by producing videos that suit the taste of YouTube viewers with characters, worldviews, and detailed situation settings, away from the excessive restrictions of existing public broadcasting.

            On the <Pisik University> YouTube channel, there are many gag videos with a more real concept than real. Their representative contents include ‘Hansarang Mountaineering Association’, ‘Non-face-to-face Date’, ’05 student is back’, ‘Ronnie and Steve’.

(Image Source: Google)

            Popular culture critic Jeong Deok-hyun Jeong said, “Even before <Pisik University>, YouTube channels run by comedians were successful, but most of them were hidden camera concept videos. <Pisik University> is literally groundbreaking in that it brought conte elements into reality, not the stage, and connected them into situational plays.”

(Image Source: YouTube)

  The fact that they do not lose affection for ‘People’ by drawing middle-aged men, who were called so-called boomers’ and ‘ggon-dae’ with warm eyes can be said to be the driving force behind the channel’s widespread love.

              In addition, the funny point of <Pisik University>, which is different from other YouTube channels, is that one person plays several characters of completely different identities, and various contents are building a huge universe like Marvel Universe.

             Min-soo Kim, the original member, is in charge of Kim Young-nam, chairman of the ‘Hansarang Mountaineering Association’, Implanted Kid, a rapper who showed the charm of young men in ‘Non-face-to-face Date’, Kim Min-soo, a producer of ’05 Student is back’, and health trainer Ronnie in ‘Ronnie and Steve’. The same goes for other performers.


(Image Source: YouTube)

              Viewers responded, “I think it’s fun because the <Pisik University> universe is connected little by little”, “The worldview is realistic and so funny, so it’s good to make it into a meme”, and “It’s so fun when I can’t tell whether it’s real or fake.”

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