Booking (cheap) travel to/from and within Korea


If you’re like me and most of the people I know then you are traveling on a budget. In this article I hope to give you a better idea about how to book cheap travel to and from Korea and within Korea.

One thing that I truly appreciate about Korea is its public transportation system. Not only is it easier to get around in Seoul but you can easily travel outside of Seoul via train or bus. This coming weekend I am going to Jinju to visit a friend. There are a couple of ways you can get a ticket on one of these buses. Online and directly at the station. The way I used is online as I wanted to make sure that I had a spot on the train before leaving. Booking ahead would be a good idea if you are going to a popular place like Busan, however I am going to Jinju and there were plenty of seats available. The online platform I used was this site allowed me to book a round trip ticket as well, so you can get it all done in one place. The platform can be in English so no need to worry if you can’t read Korean well. The Bus option is the cheapest option, I got a round trip ticket for 50,500 won, and one-way tickets are about 24,000 won. You can also take trains out of Seoul using Korail. These trains are a bit more expensive than the bus lines, (60,000+ for one way ticket) but have designated first class and economy classes. The difference is you can sit by less people and have more space in first class. The trains are also high-speed trains. Like the bus site you can go to for information in English and to reserve tickets. Like I said Korea has made it easy and cheap to travel within its borders. But what about going outside of Korea?

One thing that I encourage everyone to do while they are in Korea is to take advantage of its proximity to other countries. For example, at the end of semester I will be going to Japan and Taiwan. Both flights are about 2-3 hours from Korea. It is easy to find cheap flights using, this site will search multiple airlines and travel sites to find the cheapest plane ticket. You can also book them on the site as they will transfer you to the 3rd party when you decide what deal you want to take, because they search everything they can often find airlines that you may never have heard of that offer the cheap flights. For my ticket to Japan I used Skyscanner and found an airway called Tway. I had never heard of Tway but they offered the flight from Korea to Japan at a significantly lesser rate than other airlines that I had heard of, the same goes for booking my trip to Taiwan, again it was an airline that I was not familiar with and had I not used Skyscanner I would never have gotten the great deal that I got by using it. Skyscanner can also help you search and book a cheap hotel and hire cars to pick you up at the airport.

I highly encourage everyone who comes to Korea to experience other places besides Seoul, while Seoul is great to truly experience Korea you need to see other places as well. While you are at you may as well take a trip to Japan, Taiwan, China or any of the other countries around Korea, who knows when and if you will ever get the opportunity to again. Being from the USA it is hard to come to Southeast Asia and other places like Europe due to the long (and expensive) plane rides. So while I am in Korea I want to take as many opportunities to travel as I can and I hope that if you travel somewhere you do the same!

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