PC Bang (PC room)

Sooin Mun

As you start your year in Hanyang University, you will be taking part of a quite a few numbers of group projects. Then, most likely you’ll be working with at least 2 to 5 classmates that will be a mix of foreign and Korean students. You may encounter some language barriers as well as some culture shock at first. However, as time and your projects go on, you might get closer to the Korean students. And if, you get close to one of those Korean males, then you’ll highly likely hear a lot about PC bang(room).

문수인 3-1

You’ll have to come across this Korean culture of PC bang(room) at one point in your Korean life. Whether is it because your computer failed, or your internet failed, many Korean students make use of this facility. As the name suggests, it’s usually an entire floor full of computers that you can use for any purpose you want, other than illegal activities. But then, it would not be very different from using computers at home, and why would that become a thing in Korea, right? For those who wonder what a PC room is, or why would anyone go there, I came here with some services that PC bang offers and reasons why Korean people love it.

  1. You can order, and eat food

Most of the PC bangs in the Gangnam offers a variety of foods that can be prepared and are perfect to eat while playing games, watching movies, or whatever you are doing. The most popular food is ramen. There are tons of different types of ramen, which all taste different, and they even offer diversity of toppings that go with ramen. Koreans even call these ‘PC room ramen’, because the ramen tastes different from what it would had we cooked them by ourselves at home. Also, you can buy anything like soft drinks, snacks, microwaved foods, chicken nuggets, fries and even hot milk. Most importantly, all these are ordered from where you are sitting and playing games or whatever you are doing, paid on the spot, and are cleared by servers from your desk once you are done with them. Hence, you don’t even have to take a step to get all the services, because the staffs will be doing everything for you. This level of convenience becomes quite irresistible when you get used to it.

문수인 3-2

  1. They are equipped with high-end gears and can print.

This is very important for gamers, or people who hates slow, lagging computer environments. Most of the computers are high-end, and are equipped with other moderately expensive gears, like HD monitors, nice headsets, good mechanical key boards… etc. Also, PC rooms are very known for their high-speed internet. So, there is even a trend for students to go to a PC room for class registration because they need good internet connection to get all their classes. Not to mention those amazingly comfortable gaming chairs. Plus, as I mentioned, you can print, too, for a price. This is very important for those people like me, because I don’t have a printer at my house, and I don’t want to wake up 20 minutes early to get to university, only to pay more and feel tired from running up and down the hill of the university.

문수인 3-3

  1. It’s fairly cheap

May differ from town to town, PC bang to PC bag, but the costs are roughly around 1000 won to 2000 won per hour. Costs are usually higher when they are located closer to Gangnam, and gets cheaper when it gets further from there. Services, of course, will be dependent on the price. the thing is, whatever you do, in Korea, there’s nothing else that is better than going to PC bang, in terms of cost efficiency. If you go out to play a round of billiards, it will cost you 2000 won per 10 minutes. If you want to go watch a movie, it’ll cost you at least 10,000 won, unless you go to the theatre very early in the morning. So, if you are tight on your budget, but your friends want to play with you? Here’s the answer, PC room. You can eat, play for hours and hours and still not get bored.

What I really want to say, and most importantly, there are many things you can do in Seoul that you can do back home. But you can’t experience PC bang culture, anywhere else. You are in this land of internet technology and advanced computer systems. Why not try? It’ll cost you nothing as in efforts you’ll have to put in, and as in actual money that’ll be spent, in compare to any trips you are planning. Even if you don’t really enjoy games or know nothing when it comes to computers, it doesn’t mater. The atmosphere itself is very different, and lest assured, is very cheap and starts with the minimum time of an hour, which you don’t even have to keep. You can simply leave whenever you want, right after feeling the vibe. Literally, nothing-to-lose kind of trip, is what I’m offering right now.

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