Welcome to the Chicken World

You might notice that you are now living in the country of chickens. Korea has a lot of fried chicken franchises, each with its own signature menu and other varieties of fried chicken. At first, when you try just fried chicken, you may be surprised by how much the fried chicken can be that crispy and juicy. Then, when you try the fried chicken with different sauces covering it, you will again be mesmerized by either sweet, spicy or just tasty flavor. Today, I would like to introduce you guys about the representative, popular menu of each fried chicken franchise that are located around Hanyang University. Remember, almost everything in Korea delivers, so you can order these menus and enjoy them almost anywhere on campus, so enjoy!

  1. BHC – Bburinkle and mat-choking

When students would like to order from BHC, they fall into a dilemma. They have to choose either Bburinkle(뿌링클) or Mat Choking(맛초킹). Firstly, Bburinkle uses BHC’s magic seasoning that consists of cheese, garlic, and onion powder on the fried chicken. This tastes very crunchy and salty. It comes with another mayonnaise-like sauce that you can dip it in. Trust me when I say that both ways, dipped or not, are all great. Secondly, we have the great mat-choking. It uses a mix of soy sauce and honey as its seasoning. This also is very crispy and those who love sweet taste would really be recommended to try this. It comes with green and red peppers on it, but do not be tricked, is in not spicy at all and will give you a sweet, salty, tangy sensation.

  1. Goobne Chicken – volcano이은지 3-1

Goodne chicken has quite some maniac customers. Those who prefer ‘healthy chicken’ would choose Goobne Chicken. Goobda means bake in Korean, so Goobne Chicken doesn’t fry its chickens but bakes them in an oven at a high temperature. Healthier maybe, and less crispy. Many Koreans can eat spicy food and maybe some foreigners can eat spicy food as well or even enjoy it. For them, this ‘Volcano’ is recommended. It is so hot that it is named as ‘volcano’. As if being hot bursts like volcano. If it is too hot for you, try mixing it with white rice, it is awesome.

  1. BBQ – Hwang Geum Olive Chicken

이은지 3-2

BBQ has good fried chicken and its name is ‘Hwang Guem Olive Chicken’. Hwang Geum refers to golden. As you order this chicken, you will soon know why it is named as ‘golden’. BBQ chooses olive oil and fresh chicken for customers’ health. Using this great oil, the fried chicken is crunchier than any other fried chicken. Whichever franchises of BBQ you go, you will notice that everywhere is too delicious.

  1. 꼬꼬아찌 (Ggo Ggo A Jji)

이은지 3-3.jpeg

When you walk along the street of Wangsimni, you should have seen the queues in front of this chicken shop. Here, they sell charcoal-grilled no bone chicken like the picture below. Once you taste it, you will know why people are lining up to buy this chicken. You might have thought that all those chickens are the same. And once again, you will know that that was misunderstanding. This chicken Is soft, the sauce is extremely addictive. Lastly, when you order Ramen with chicken, you will want to order more ramen though you are full.

  1. 사근통닭 (SaGeun tong dak)

This is the last chicken stall, but it is not franchise. This stall is run by two aged husband and wife. The price is much lower than you might expect, and the size is much bigger than you might expect. They fry the whole chicken and just give it to you. It is right behind HUBS in Sageun Dong. On the way to dormitory or your house, if you pass this stall, you cannot just pass without buying it.


This is the end of introduction to tasty chickens near Hanyang University. Next time, when you want to eat chicken, look up this blog again and find your preference.

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