Hanyang Fall Festival (애한제) – part 2: The Experience

The Hanyang University Festival (애한제) has finally came and gone and this article is of my general impressions of the festival.

The festival this year was at first met with mixed views especially with the festival being pushed to the second semester due to the sad national tragedy of Sewol shipwreck. Those who had experienced previous festivals complained about the fact that the outdoors theater was no longer available this year due to construction works going on. The freshmen all excited with anticipation of their first university event. I myself is a freshman at Hanyang University making it my first university festival and was full of expectations.


The festival was first noticeable with the change in school scenery. On Friday, the start of the festival was signaled by the creation of the lantern road on the road leading up to Hanyang University with paper lanterns decorated with student messages. There were booths set up selling festival t-shirts, foods drinks, and offer games. The first school event began with Ignite, a forum where the students prepared presentations and presented them TED style. With the finale of ignite began the taverns led by students. The taverns on Friday were mostly the each collages on campus and were a place where students could stop by for a quick drinks/bites and meet with the Old boys of the collages.

The festival truly started on Monday. On Hanmadang joyrides were setup for students to enjoy. Mini-viking, huge slide, and trampoline, so called HY-Rides, they provided excellent entertainment during the daytime. Students were able to come and enjoy a quick ride before going to their next class, a special experience only able during the festival and a funny break. Also in Hanmadang, a team jump rope contest was held very successfully. Later on at 6pm was a concert with BUZZ the famous Korean band group. I myself, a personal Fan of BUZZ was thrilled to see them up close with my own eyes and hear the songs that I only herd in my mp3 player. As the sun set began the second day of the taverns. Starting from Monday the on campus outdoor taverns were allowed. A lot of taverns were set up by various circles and organizations though out the school grounds. Every tavern were different with house menus with special sets, different themes and some even offering live music. Each tavern provided a different experience and good drinks.



Tuesday events started with Question and Answer session with 김조광수. A Hanyang University graduate and a renowned movie director, he was bombarded with questions from curious students given the chance to meet the director in person. At 1pm there was a massive water gun fight in front of the business building. With over 500 water guns the fight was held with referees standing by watching over the process. With everyone getting soaked to their underwear, the fight ended giving everyone a fun experience. During the night a ghost house was prepared at the central student cafeteria. The place was packed with people, especially couples looking for a romantic mood. Hearing the screams, the ghost house was a big success. Rumor has it real ghosts came out.


On the third day the events started with Military bamboo forest where the military service experienced people shared their tales. Then came the event everyone was waiting for, the Hanyang singing contest. With talented groups and individuals showing off their talents. For the grand finale, came SISTAR the K-pop group. Everyone was on their feet and were running to the main stage set in the center field to see them perform. To be able to see SISTAR up close for free and the live was a mesmerizing and a memorable finale to the festival.


It was the first university event for me and I toughly enjoyed it. I loved it and recommend other students to go and experience the festivals in the future.

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