Hanyang Fall Festival (애한제) – part 1: Introduction

애한제 – 일탈


Fall Festival (애한제)

Starting from Friday, Hanyang University held its own school festival the 애한제 which literally means “Love Hanyang Festival”. The festival comes after a long wait. It was originally scheduled in the first semester. However, due to the tragic events of Sewol and with the whole country in mourning the festival was postponed. The student council has made the theme of the festival 일탈. 일탈 means going away from the norm and enjoy some change. Looking at the plans for the festival certainly made me excited,

The festival started off on Friday with the making of a lantern street. The lanterns where decorated by the students of Hanyang university and carried a message of their choice. Next up was Ignite. This was a presentation event with the students giving their own presentations that they have prepared in front of the audience.


Water Slides

Starting on Monday begins the real fun and events. The HY-RIDEs are to be set up at Hanmadang (한마당). With huge slides, trampolines, and a mini Viking for students to enjoy until Wednesday. Also at Hanmadang (한마당) is team jump rope starting from one. In the afternoon comes our first celebrity guest, BUZZ, a renowned band in Korea with many songs still being in many Korean’s playlists.


Water Fight



On Tuesday Kimjo Gwangsoo (김조광수), a movie director and a former student activist, comes to Hanyang university to give special talks and answer questions form students. Also there is a water gun fight at Haengwon Park (행원파크) during midday, as the days are still hot, it is expected to be a cool refresher. In the evening, there will be a ghost house set up at the student cafeteria for those who want a chill in the night.



On Wednesday there is the army bamboo forest a kind of forum where the people who have done their military service come together to share stories. Next is the anticipated Hanyang Song contest to determine the best singer in Hanyang University. Also during the song contest the k-pop group Sistar will come to perform. Those who are interested are advised to go earlier for a spot to watch as there will be a big crowd to see Sistar,

With the big events are small booths runs by the clubs where you can play games to earn prizes or get snacks or drinks. Later on in the evenings are many different taverns run by the students themselves which offered handmade food with drinks. The prices and menu all differ from tavern to tavern, and going to different places for different food and atmosphere adds to the fun of the festival. As the festival has finally started and everyone should enjoy the big event.


Lines of booths


By Yoon from Korea


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